Illinois Insurance Laws

This comprehensive yet portable one-volume reference offers selected Illinois statutes relating to insurance law.
Publisher: Michie

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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663364555
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2023 Edition
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This comprehensive yet portable one-volume reference offers selected Illinois statutes relating to insurance law.

Features include:

•   Extensive index and table of contents providing easy access to each area of the law
•   Listing of all of the statutes in the book affected by recent legislation
•   Updates through Public Act 98-627
•   Annual replacement edition

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Table of contents

Sections Affected by Public Acts 98-93 through 98-627

Chapter 215. Insurance
Insurance Code
Small Employer Health Insurance Rating Act
Small Employer Rating, Renewability and Portability Health Insurance Act
Illinois Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Reinsurance Intermediary Act
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act
Children's Health Insurance Program Act
Producer Controlled Insurer Act
Dental Care Patient Protection Act
Dental Service Plan Act
Employee Leasing Company Act
Employees Dental Freedom of Choice Act
Farm Mutual Insurance Company Act of 1986
Navigator Certification Act
Illinois Health Benefits Exchange Law
Health Care Purchasing Group Act
Health Maintenance Organization Act
Limited Health Service Organization Act
Illinois Long-Term Care Partnership Program Act
Managed Care Reform and Patient Rights Act
Pharmaceutical Service Plan Act
Portable Electronics Insurance Act
Uniform Prescription Drug Information Card Act
Uniform Health Care Service Benefits Information Card Act
Product Liability Insurance Act
Property Fire Loss Act
Religious and Charitable Risk Pooling Trust Act
Service Contract Act
Structured Settlement Protection Act
Title Insurance Act
Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance Act
Viatical Settlements Act
Viatical Settlements Act of 2009
Vision Service Plan Act
Voluntary Health Services Plans Act
Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance
Organ Transplant Medication Notification Act
Health Carrier External Review Act


Chapter 5. General Provisions

Chapter 15. Executive Officers

Chapter 20. Executive Branch

Chapter 30. Finance
Chapter 40. Pensions

Chapter 65. Municipalities

Chapter 105. Schools

Chapter 205. Financial Regulation

Chapter 210. Health Facilities

Chapter 225. Professions and Occupations

Chapter 230. Gaming

Chapter 240. Warehouses

Chapter 305. Public Aid

Chapter 320. Aging

Chapter 330. Veterans

Chapter 410. Public Health

Health Prevention and Protection
Child Health Services
Health Information

Chapter 425. Fire Safety

Chapter 430. Public Safety

Chapter 625. Vehicles

Chapter 705. Courts

Chapter 720. Criminal Offenses

Chapter 725. Criminal Procedure

Chapter 740. Civil Liabilities

Chapter 760. Trusts and Fiduciaries

Chapter 765. Property

Chapter 805. Business Organizations

Chapter 815. Business Transactions

Chapter 820. Employment

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