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Matthew Bender® Practice Guide: California Landlord-Tenant Litigation is a one-volume publication that covers the tasks and explains the intricacies of litigating disputes between landlords and tenants. It focuses on residential tenancies but also offers some coverage of commercial tenancies. Get up-to-date coverage of hot topics like:

•  Effect of foreclosure on the landlord-tenant relationship
•  Unlawful detainer litigation (i.e., the summary or quick procedure for evicting a tenant)
•  Suits for damages, particularly for wrongful eviction and unpaid rent
•  Service of eviction/termination notices
•  Grounds for termination
•  Assignments
•  Subleasing
•  Rent control

California Landlord-Tenant Litigation has a streamlined chapter organization, an abundance of checklists and forms, and flags and alerts that are classified by type, including strategic points, warnings, exceptions, prerequisites, timing, and traps. It has detailed cross references to primary sources and other useful resources, such as public records and related LexisNexis publications.

California Landlord-Tenant Litigation is the only California landlord-tenant set on the market to be updated twice a year (in the Spring and Fall) and provides coverage of new legislation months ahead of the competing Rutter product.

Order your copy now and assure your clients you have the most updated landlord-tenant practice guide available on the market today.

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