California Judge Reviews (California Courts & Judges)

Provides biographical information on state and federal judges in California and candid attorneys' comments about many judges, and includes a comprehensive statewide court directory containing important addresses, phone numbers and contact information.

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ISBN: 9781580121613
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ISBN: 9781580121613
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California Courts & Judges has been renamed California Judge Reviews, and the guide's contents have been streamlined and restructured to emphasize attorney comments about California judges. California Judge Reviews includes candid and frank attorney comments, compiled through interviews conducted by authors Elizabeth Smith and Mark Thompson, for several hundred superior court and district court judges and commissioners. This publication includes more than 2,500 detailed biographies of state and federal judges in California. It provides biographical information on many state and some federal judges in California and attorneys' comments about most L.A. and S.F. civil judges. The book also includes a comprehensive, statewide court directory and information about associations and ADR organizations. Preparation is the key to winning, and that preparation includes knowing your judge. Be completely ready for your next court appearance with the latest 2-volume California Courts & Judges' detailed biographies, which include information such as:

•   Pre-bench background
•   Political affiliation
•   Appointment dates
•   Appointing official
•   Association membership
•   Education
•   Legal authorship
•   Age
•   Business address
•   Personal interests
•   Judicial philosophy
•   Availability as arbitrator

Additionally, candid attorney comments are provided for a select number of judges. Authors Elizabeth Smith and Mark Thompson interview 5-10 attorneys who have appeared before each judge, and add their candid comments to the biographical profiles already in California Courts & Judges. Learn from other attorneys' experiences before your next appearance. Read their revealing quotes in California Courts & Judges about each covered judge's:

•   Temperament and demeanor
•   Intelligence and knowledge
•   Motion practice
•   Handling trials
•   Settlements
•   Continuances
•   Proclivities
Straight-forward commentary from veteran attorneys make California Courts & Judges a truly unique resource. Commentary includes:

The worst

•   "She's particularly dangerous when it comes to evaluating a personal injury claim"
•   "He treats everyone the same -- with disrespect"
•   "I think she belongs in a prison guarding violent prisoners. She's that vicious"
•   "How he rules just depends on which attorney he likes the best"

In between

•   "He's got that common judge's tendency to favor the prosecution"
•   "Pushes crash settlements"
•   "He's against corporations and for the small fellow"
•   "He has trouble making up his mind and he can be led astray"

The best

•   "She gets to the heart of the issue right away and makes her decision on that basis"
•   "He actually reads the papers. He's prepared and he's decisive"
•   "He has a wonderful working knowledge of criminal law"
•   "Keep him for trial. He is tremendous"

Several hundred profiles are already included, and over 100 more are added each year. You will find frank attorney comments for many judges in each of the following counties:

•   Alameda
•   Fresno
•   Kern
•   Los Angeles
•   Marin
•   San Bernardino
•   San Diego
•   San Joaquin
•   San Francisco
•   Santa Barbara
•   Santa Clara
•   Solano
•   Ventura

Respected as the most comprehensive source for judges' biographies for 30 years, California Courts & Judges provides more than 2,500 detailed biographies of state and federal judges in California. It provides biographical information on most state and some federal judges in California and attorneys' comments about most L.A. and S.F. Bay area judges. In addition to thousands of judicial profiles, this book provides personnel names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers by branch for every state and federal court in California, as well as information about associations and ADR organizations. Don't miss this comprehensive guide to knowing your California judge.

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