Washington Construction Law Deskbook

For experienced practitioners in this area and for those who do not regularly address construction law issues, this is the guide to turn to when researching those issues under Washington law.

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ISBN: 9780881293692
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More than 60 experienced practitioners came together to produce this single-volume ready resource on every facet of construction law. In addition to review by the editorial board, every chapter was peer reviewed by another experienced practitioner. And, because owners and contractors often have differing perspectives, whenever possible peer reviewers were chosen to reflect the perspective that differed from the author's.

Practice tips, drafting tips, comments, caveats, examples, and checklists are set off throughout the text.

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Table of contents

 Chapter 1.  Construction Contracting Parties and Their Legal Relationships (Thomas H. 
  Wolfendale,  Andrew W. Maron)

Chapter 2.  Contractors' Registration, License, Contractor Bonds, and Prequalification
  (Paul R. Cressman, Jr., Lawrence S. Glosser, Athan E. Tramountanas)

Chapter 3.  Key Contract Provisions and Summary of Prevalent Private and Public
  Contract Model Forms (Scott R. Sleight, James Lynch)

Chapter 4.  Architect/Engineer Contracts and Liability (Jennifer McMillan Beyerlein,
  Andrew J. Gabel)

Chapter 5.  Implied Warranties and Obligations (Brett M. Hill, Daniel Berner)

Chapter 6.  Private Contracts: Procurement Practices (Scott D. Siekawitch)

Chapter 7.  Contracting for Public Agency Construction (Ronald J. English, Judd Lees,
  Lindsay (Taft) Watkins)

Chapter 8.  Federal Procurement (Marisa Bavand, Allison Murphy, Evan Brown)

Chapter 9.  Alternative Delivery Methods (Athan E. Tramountanas, Scott R. Sleight, Ellie

Chapter 10.  Payment (Robert L. Olson)

Chapter 11.  Changes: Scope of Work, Cardinal Change, Notice, Documentation, Pricing,
  Audits (John P. Ahlers, Lindsay (Taft) Watkins)

Chapter 12.  Contract Performance Issues (John P. Ahlers, Zak Tomlinson, Lindsay (Taft)

Chapter 13.  Environmental Considerations in Construction Projects (Michael A.

Chapter 14.  Scheduling and Delay, Suspension of Work, and Acceleration (Ryan W.
  Sternoff, Henry J. Spieker)

Chapter 15.  Damages (Robert H. Crick, Jr., Jesse O. Franklin IV, Ellie Perka)

Chapter 16.  Surety Relationships and Payment and Performance Bonds (Loren D.
  Podwill, Matthew J. Sekits, Parker D. Davidson)

Chapter 17.  Construction Liens (Bart Reed, Karl F. Oles)

Chapter 18.  Technology Issues in Design and Construction (Brendan J. Peters)

Chapter 19.  Subcontract Issues (Paul R. Cressman, Jr., Ryan W. Sternoff)

Chapter 20.  Termination for Default and Convenience (Douglas R. Roach)

Chapter 21.  Indemnity and Insurance (Greg Harper, Todd Hayes, Masaki Yamada)

Chapter 22.  Inspection, Acceptance, and Warranty (Janelle K. Brennan, John H. Guin)

Chapter 23.  Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) (Aaron K. Owada)

Chapter 24.  Mediation, Disputes Review Boards, and Project Neutrals (Richard H.
  Skalbania, Sean Leake)

Chapter 25.  Arbitration and Litigation (Colm Nelson, Jennifer McMillan Beyerlein,
  Henry Jameson)

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes/Regulations
Table of References
Subject Index