AHLA Health Care and the Business of Cannabis: Legal Questions and Answers (Non-Members)

This practical new book will help readers see through the legal haze surrounding the interplay between medical marijuana and the traditional health care industry, as well as business opportunities surrounding cannabis and its by-products.

Publisher: AHLA

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Answer tough health care-related questions.

Written and edited by a diverse group of seasoned professionals, coverage in this first edition of Health Care and the Business of Cannabis, includes analysis of the unique issues faced by health care providers whose residents, patients, and employees may participate in state cannabis programs. Whether readers are working with hospitals or long-term care facilities, physicians or mid-level practitioners, they will have guidance for providing informed counsel and tackling tough questions such as:

  • How do post-acute care providers reconcile federal laws with state legalized medical cannabis reforms?
  • What types of policies should be created, and what are the influencing factors and options that exist when creating policies and procedures if a long-term care facility permits medicinal cannabis?
  • What are the potential legal implications for a health care practitioner who recommends medicinal cannabis pursuant to a state-legalized medical cannabis program?
  • May a patient use medical cannabis while in a hospital or any of its facilities?
  • How does medicinal cannabis use get noted in the patient's medical record?

Advise on business transactions and opportunities.

The authors provide full coverage of the business transactions involving the manufacturing, possession, or distribution of medicinal marijuana. They also take a close look at opportunities related to:

  • The research of medicinal cannabis
  • The creation of wellness products or topical creams using hemp or its derivatives
  • Establishing laboratories or educational programs to educate patients about the effects of cannabis
  • Obtaining a license to operate a center for dispensing medicinal cannabis

Editors-in-Chief: Lisa Gora, and Jennifer M. Nelson Carney
Concept Editors: Lisa Gora, Jennifer M. Nelson Carney, and Michael F. Schaff
Authors: Marc J. Adesso, Luis M. Alcalde, blair barnhart-hinkle, Brittany Bonetti, Richard Y. Cheng, Melissa A. Dardani, Patrick (Pat) Harrity, Tracy Carlson Ivers, Alexander G. Malyshev, Wayne Margulies, R. Gregory Parker, Eric D. Reiser, Joseph M. Shapiro, and Neil M. Willner

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Published March, 2021.


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Table of contents

 Chapter 1  Introduction to Cannabis 

Chapter 2  Cannabis Issues in the Post-Acute Care Industry

Chapter 3  Cannabis Use in Hospitals

Chapter 4  Physician Considerations for Participating in State Medical Cannabis

Chapter 5  Cannabis Business Licensing

Chapter 6  Risk and Insurance Considerations for Cannabis Businesses

Chapter 7  Tax Considerations

Chapter 8  Cannabis and Real Estate

Chapter 9  Intellectual Property Considerations for Cannabis Businesses

Chapter 10  Banking and Investment Considerations for Cannabis Businesses

Chapter 11  Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions: The Importance of State Regulatory
                            Compliance and Other Steps of Preparation

Chapter 12  Raising Capital: Securities and the Capital Markets

Chapter 13  Bankruptcy Considerations for Cannabis Debtors and Creditors