AHLA Antitrust and Health Care: A Comprehensive Guide (AHLA Members)

Antitrust and Health Care explains the application of antitrust principles to the different segments of the healthcare industry, helping minimize antitrust risk and plan business and litigation strategies.
Publisher: AHLA

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Consult "practice pointers" and gain expert insights for managing risk and driving strategy. Minimize antitrust risk and more successfully plan and execute business and litigation strategies, with this practical guide. The expert authors draw on their significant government enforcement and private-sector counseling and litigation experience, covering:
  • Pre-merger notification and transaction planning
  • Anti-trust compliance and "sensitivity training" programs
  • Identification of conduct and language that could create antitrust "red flags"
  • Creation, distribution, and use of emails, electronic documents, and other materials
  • Antitrust safety zones, defenses and immunities
Access comprehensive guidance for representing a diverse client base
  • Antitrust and Health Care explains the application of antitrust principles to the different segments of the healthcare industry—Health care providers, including integrated health care systems, stand-alone hospitals, physician groups, allied health professionals, and suppliers to health care providers
  • Commercial insurance companies and managed care organizations
  • For-profit, not-for-profit, and government-owned or controlled concerns
  • Self-insured employers
  • Professional partnerships 

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Published June, 2017.


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Table of contents


Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  Antitrust Overview

Chapter 3  Mergers, Acquisitions, and Issues of Legality

Chapter 4  Premerger Notification and Transaction Planning

Chapter 5  Joint Ventures

Chapter 6  Provider Networks and Managed Care Contracting

Chapter 7  Trade Associations, State Regulatory Bodies, and Group Purchasing

Chapter 8  Medical Staff Privileges, Exclusive Physician Contracts, and Peer Review

Chapter 9  Monopolization

Chapter 10  The Robinson Patman Act

Chapter 11  Exemptions and Immunities

Appendix A:  State Legislation Relating to Provider Cooperation Agreements (as of