Texas Trial Procedure and Evidence

The procedure and evidence rules and case law needed throughout trial in an easy-to-use format!
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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781628816532
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2020 Edition
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The procedure and evidence rules and case law needed throughout trial in an easy-to-use format!

Texas Trial Procedure and Evidence is a single indispensable resource for trial lawyers in Texas state civil court. Since trials invariably involve issues of both procedure and evidence, this manual provides:

•  Quick-reference guide to Texas evidentiary predicates
•  Predicates for the admission of exhibits
•  Wording and authority for key objections
•  Forms for the various motions and requests that arise during trial

Texas Trial Procedure and Evidence addresses the common issues that arise throughout the various phases of trial, starting with final pretrial hearings, progressing through jury selection, opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, the court charge conference, closing arguments, deliberations, verdict, post-trial motions, judgment and post-judgment motions in the trial court. The special rules governing bench trials, expedited trials and justice court trials are covered.

•  Relevance issues, including unfair prejudice, and character and habit evidence
•  Quick-reference guide to Texas evidentiary trial objections
•  Quick-reference guide to Texas trial motions and requests
•  Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
•  Texas Rules of Evidence

Evidence coverage includes:

•  Privileges
•  Witness competency and witness credibility issues
•  Opinion testimony, including expert relevance and reliability issues and lay opinion testimony
•  Hearsay, hearsay exclusions, and hearsay exceptions
•  Authentication and offer of documentary evidence
•  Best evidence rule
•  Judicial notice of law and of fact

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Variances Amongst Texas Courts and Trial Judges

Chapter 2: Special Rules Governing Expedited Trials

Chapter 3: New Rules Governing Justice Court Trials

Chapter 4: Procedural Rules Governing Bench Trials

Chapter 5: Rules Governing Courtroom Conduct

Chapter 6: Final Pretrial Hearing

Chapter 7: Jury Selection

Chapter 8: Opening Statement

Chapter 9: Witness Competency

Chapter 10: Examination of Lay Witnesses

Chapter 11: Examination of Expert Witnesses

Chapter 12: Credibility and Impeachment

Chapter 13: Offering Evidence and Preserving Error

Chapter 14: Relevance

Chapter 15: Authentication

Chapter 16: Hearsay-Generally

Chapter 17: Hearsay Exceptions

Chapter 18: Expert Testimony

Chapter 19: The Best Evidence Rule

Chapter 20: Judicial Notice

Chapter 21: Privileges

Chapter 22: Trial Motions and Trial Amendments

Chapter 23: The Jury Charge and the Charge Conference

Chapter 24: Closing Argument

Chapter 25: Jury Deliberations

Chapter 26: Verdict and Judgment

Chapter 27: Post-Judgment Motions in the Trial Court