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Texas Drunk Driving Law

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Print Book :2 volumes, looseleaf
4th Edition
ISBN: 9780327110163
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Texas Drunk Driving Law contains the most complete discussion and expert analysis of Texas DWI law to date. Whether defending, prosecuting or judging a case related to drunk driving in Texas, locate the information you need quickly in this two-volume guide.

Unparalleled in scope, Texas Drunk Driving Law walks new practitioners through each step of a case, from start to finish. Even the most seasoned practitioner will benefit from the extensive coverage of issues such as relative statutes, codes, Department of Public Safety guidelines and regulations, case law literature as well as pretrial and courtroom mechanics of DWI prosecutions and defenses.

Within the chapters of Texas Drunk Driving Law, you will find in-depth explanation regarding:
-Special technical and procedural issues

-Applicable constitutional and statutory provisions
-Descriptions of chemical analysis methods
-Current state breath-testing regulations

Texas Drunk Driving Law contains all the tools needed to prosecute or defend against a DWI charge and will prepare you for your next drunk driving case by providing helpful practice aids such as sample forms, motions and memoranda, voir dire questions, jury instructions and cross-and-direct examination questions. In addition, it contains a model opening statement and a model closing argument for your reference.

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Table of Contents


PART 1: Legal Analysis

Chapter 1 Elements of DWI

Chapter 2 Chemical Tests

Chapter 3 Sentencing DWI Offenders

Chapter 4 Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter

PART 2: Forms & Samples

Chapter 5 New Case Intake

Chapter 6 Motions, Memoranda, and Miscellany

Chapter 7 Voir Dire

Chapter 8 Cross and Direct Examination

Chapter 9 Jury Instructions


PART 3: Specialized Materials

Administrative License Revocation Appendix

Articles on Special Technical and Procedural Issues

National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Studies (NHTSA)

Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program Operator Manual (Including Texas Chemical Breath Testing Regulations)

DWI Trial Notebook Topical Case Index