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Parker's California Government Code

Publisher: Michie

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Available in eBook, print, and CD-ROM, the 2-volume Parker's Government Code contains the complete Government Code, a quick-find index, and a table of affected sections to quickly locate the latest changes.

The eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Table of Contents

Volume 1



Division 1 Sovereignty and People of the State

Chapter 1 Sovereignty of the State

Chapter 2 People of the State
Division 2 State Seal, Flag, and Emblems

Chapter 1 Great Seal of the State

Chapter 2 State Flag and Emblems

Chapter 3 Display of Flags

Chapter 4 Seal of the Senate

Chapter 5 Seal of the Assembly

Division 3 Seat of Government, Political Divisions, and Legal Distances

Chapter 1 Seat of Government

Chapter 2 Counties

Chapter 3 Congressional Districts [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Senatorial Districts [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Assembly Districts [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Legal Distances

Division 3.5 Costs in Civil Actions Resulting From Administrative Proceedings

Division 3.6 Public Liability

Part 1 Definitions

Part 2 Liability of Public Entities and Public Employees

Chapter 1 General Provisions Relating to Liability

Chapter 2 Dangerous Conditions of Public Property

Chapter 3 Police and Correctional Activities

Chapter 4 Fire Protection

Chapter 5 Medical, Hospital and Public Health Activities

Chapter 6 Administration of Tax Laws

Chapter 7 Use of Pesticides

Chapter 8 Activities to Abate an Impending Peril

Chapter 9-20 [No chapters of these numbers.]

Chapter 21 Tort Liability Under Agreements Between Public Entities

Part 3 Claims Against Public Entities

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Presentation and Consideration of Claims

Chapter 3 Proceedings to Determine Constitutionality of Claims Against the State

Chapter 4 Presentation of Claims to State Controller

Chapter 4.5 Prompt Payment of Claims

Chapter 5 Claims Procedures Established by Agreement

Chapter 6 Claims Procedures Established by Public Entities

Part 4 Actions Against Public Entities and Public Employees

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Actions Against Public Entities

Chapter 3 Actions Against Public Employees

Chapter 4 Special Provisions Relating to Actions Against the State

Chapter 5 Special Provisions Relating to Actions Against Local Public Entities

Chapter 6 Postjudgment Settlement Conference

Part 5 Payment of Claims and Judgments

Chapter 1 Payment of Claims and Judgments Against the State

Chapter 2 Payment of Judgments Against Local Public Entities

Chapter 3 Construction Claims and Contract Payments

Chapter 3.7 Procedures Applicable to State and Local Public Entities

Chapter 4 Procedures Applicable to State and Local Public Entities

Part 6 Insurance

Part 7 Defense of Public Employees

Part 8 San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge and I–880 Cypress Structure Disaster Relief

Part 9 Lake Davis Northern Pike Eradication Project Relief Account

Division 4 Public Officers and Employees

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Appointments, Nominations, Commissions, and Oaths

Chapter 3 Official Bonds

Chapter 4 Resignations and Vacancies

Chapter 5 Obtaining Possession of Office

Chapter 6 Liability of Officers and Employees

Chapter 7 Removal from Office

Chapter 8 Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance for Disaster Service Workers and Public Employees

Chapter 8.5 Volunteers

Chapter 9 Travel Insurance of Officers and Employees

Chapter 9.5 Political Activities of Public Employees

Chapter 9.6 Firefighters

Chapter 9.7 Public Safety Officers

Chapter 9.8 Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act

Chapter 9.9 California Golden Shield Act

Chapter 10 Local Public Employee Organizations

Chapter 10.1 Local Agency Executives

Chapter 10.3 State Employer-Employee Relations

Chapter 10.5 Excluded Employees Bill of Rights

Chapter 10.7 Meeting and Negotiating in Public Educational Employment

Chapter 11 Hiring of Blind and Other Physically Disabled Persons [Repealed]

Chapter 12 Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations

Division 4.5 Mediation and Conciliation Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Succession to Functions and Responsibilities

Chapter 3 Public Transportation Labor Disputes

Division 5 Public Work and Public Purchases

Chapter 1 Cost Records to Be Kept

Chapter 2 Subletting and Subcontracting [Repealed]

Chapter 2.5 Contractor's Responsibility for Work [Repealed]

Chapter 3 Backfilling Excavations With Native Spoil

Chapter 3.1 Protection of Underground Infrastructure

Chapter 3.2 Energy Conservation Contracts

Chapter 3.3 Regional Interoperable Communications System In Los Angeles County

Chapter 3.5 State Energy Projects [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Preference for Materials

Chapter 5 Emergency Termination of Public Contracts

Chapter 6 Unfair and Coercive Insurance Requirements

Chapter 7 Access to Public Buildings by Physically Handicapped Persons

Chapter 7.5 Disability Access and Education

Chapter 8 Purchases

Chapter 9 Rapid Transit

Chapter 10 Contracts with Private Architects, Engineering, Land Surveying, and Construction Project Management Firms

Chapter 10.1 [Architectural and Engineering Services]

Chapter 10.5 Target Area Contract Preference Act

Chapter 11 Antitrust Claims

Chapter 12 Child Care Facilities for State Employees

Chapter 13 Withheld Contract Funds [Repealed]

Chapter 14 Arbitration of Public Works Contract Claims

Division 6 Public Bonds and Obligations

Chapter 1 Registration of Bonds

Chapter 1.5 Registered Public Obligations

Chapter 2 Protection of Bond Guarantors

Chapter 3 Payment of Taxes and Assessments with Bonds

Chapter 4 Signatures Chapter 5 Tax or Assessment Levy for Unsold Bonds

Chapter 5.5 Collateral Security for Bonds

Chapter 6 Uniform Facsimile Signatures of Public Officials Act

Chapter 7 Denominations

Chapter 8 Contracts Concerning Public Securities

Chapter 9 Sale of State Bonds

Chapter 9.5 California Savings Bond Program

Chapter 10 Sale of Local Securities

Chapter 10.5 General Bond Provisions

Chapter 10.7 Conduit Financing Transparency And Accountability

Chapter 11 Public Financing

Chapter 12 Public Finance Contracts

Chapter 13 Fractional Interest In Local Agency Obligations

Chapter 14 (First of two) Infrastructure Financing

Chapter 14 (Second of two) Awarding of Contracts

Division 7 Miscellaneous

Chapter 1 Publications and Official Advertising

Chapter 1.5 News Coverage of Governmental Agencies

Chapter 2 Fees

Chapter 2.5 Medium of Payment

Chapter 2.6 State Payment Card Act

Chapter 3 Crimes Relating to Public Records, Documents, and Certificates

Chapter 3.01 Public Records Protection And Recovery

Chapter 3.1 Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

Chapter 3.2 Address Confidentiality for Reproductive Health Care Service Providers, Employees, Volunteers, and Patients

Chapter 3.25 Online Privacy for Reproductive Health Services Providers, Employees, Volunteers, and Patients

Chapter 3.3 Governmental Linguistics

Chapter 3.4 Recording Of Documents

Chapter 3.5 Inspection of Public Records

Chapter 4 Foreign Trade Zones

Chapter 4.1 International Genocide Memorial

Chapter 4.2 California Foreign Investment Program

Chapter 5 Joint Exercise of Powers

Chapter 5.5 Local Agency Self-Insurance Authority

Chapter 6 Benefit Funds

Chapter 6.5 State Supported Bands or Orchestras

Chapter 7 Holidays

Chapter 7.5 Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Computation of Time

Chapter 9 Money of Account

Chapter 10 Farm Loan Bonds

Chapter 11 Governmental Shareholders

Chapter 11.5 Governmental Investors

Chapter 12 Purchase of Interests and Rights in Real Property

Chapter 12.5 Scenic Conservation

Chapter 12.7 Dedication of Real Property for Public Purposes

Chapter 12.75 Residential Real Property

Chapter 12.78 Certification for Enterprise Zones, Targeted Tax Areas, and Local Agency
Military Base Recovery Areas Hiring Credits

Chapter 12.8 Enterprise Zone Act [Repealed]

Chapter 12.9 Employment and Economic Incentive Act [Repealed]

Chapter 12.93 Targeted Tax Areas [Repealed]

Chapter 12.95 Los Angeles Revitalization Zone [Repealed]

Chapter 12.97 Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area Act [Repealed]

Chapter 13 Dental Discrimination

Chapter 14 State Tax Liens

Chapter 14.5 Registration of State Tax Liens

Chapter 15 Facilities for Handicapped Persons

Chapter 16 Relocation Assistance

Chapter 17 Employment of Veterans

Chapter 17.1 Standards for Responding to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Holds

Chapter 17.3 Enforcement Actions

Chapter 17.5 Use of a Foreign Language in Public Services

Chapter 17.7 Open-Space Land Dedication

Chapter 17.8 Displaced Homemakers [Repealed]

Chapter 18 Children's Clothing [Repealed]

Chapter 19 Retirement System Stock Proxy Voting.

Chapter 20 Governmental Access to Financial Records

Chapter 21 Public Pension and Retirement Plans

Chapter 22 Letters and Correspondence

Chapter 22.5 California Taxpayers' Right to Customer Service [Repealed]

Chapter 23 Public Agency Name Reform

Chapter 24 Documents and Written Reports

Chapter 25 Commemorative "California Gold" Medallions

Chapter 26 Federal Funding

Chapter 26.5 Interagency Responsibilities for Providing Services to Children with Disabilities

Chapter 27 Lavatories in Public Facilities

Chapter 28 Olympic Training Center

Chapter 29 Selective Service Cooperation

Chapter 29.5 Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

Chapter 30 Youth Achievement

Chapter 30.5 Braille Week

Chapter 31 Public Offices Hours

Chapter 32 Smoking in Public Buildings

Chapter 32.5 The 4th Amendment Protection Act

Chapter 33 Creation of Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund

Division 8 Securities Owned by State Agencies

Chapter 1 Investment of Securities Owned by State Agencies

Division 9 Expenditure Limitations


Division 1 General

Chapter 1 Advisory Body Repeal

Chapter 1.5 Southwest Border Regional Commission [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Nevada Compact

Chapter 2.5 State Advisory Commission on Indian Affairs [Repealed]

Chapter 2.6 California–Nevada Interstate Compact Commission

Chapter 2.7 Federal Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance

Chapter 2.8 Capitol Area Planning

Chapter 2.9 Confederate Flag

Chapter 3 Notaries Public

Chapter 3.1 Commission on the Status of Women and Girls

Chapter 3.2 Citizens Redistricting Commission

Chapter 3.3 Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs

Chapter 3.5 Law Reform

Chapter 3.7 The California Commission on Disability Access

Chapter 4 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous

Chapter 5.1 Citizen Complaint Act of 1997

Chapter 5.2 Grant Information Act of 1999

Chapter 5.4 Automated External Defibrillators in State Buildings

Chapter 5.5 Drug–Free Workplace

Chapter 5.6 California Council of Design and Marketing [Repealed]

Chapter 5.7 Southern California World Trade Center Authority [Repealed]

Chapter 5.8 Economic Conversion [Repealed]

Chapter 6 The Milton Marks Commission on California State Government

Organization and Economy

Chapter 6.5 State Auditor

Chapter 7 California Emergency Services Act

Chapter 7.4 Oil Spill Response and Contingency Planning

Chapter 7.5 Disaster Assistance Act

Chapter 7.6 Economic Disaster Act of 1984

Chapter 7.8 Shelter Crisis

Chapter 8 Office of California-Mexico Affairs

Chapter 8.1 California-Mexico Border Relations Council [Repealed]

Chapter 8.5 Mexican Repatriation

Chapter 8.8 California Museum of Latino History, Art, and Culture

Chapter 9 Art

Chapter 9.5 California Poet Laureate

Chapter 9.6 Digital Arts Studio Partnership Demonstration Program Act [Repealed]

Chapter 9.7 Superconducting Super Collider [Repealed]

Chapter 10 Public Broadcasting Act of 1975

Chapter 11 The Public Works Project Peer Review Act of 2013

Chapter 11.5 California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Chapter 11.8 California Debt Limit Allocation Committee

Chapter 12 Seismic Safety Commission Act

Chapter 12.1 The California Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act

Chapter 12.2 Building Earthquake Safety

Chapter 12.3 Center for Earthquake Engineering Research

Chapter 12.4 Disaster Recovery Reconstruction Act of 1986

Chapter 12.45 California Earthquake Safety and Housing Rehabilitation Bond Act of 1988

Chapter 12.47 Earthquake Safety and Public Buildings Rehabilitation Bond Act of 1990

Chapter 12.48 Seismic Retrofit Bond Act of 1996

Chapter 12.49 The Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006

Chapter 12.491 Implementation of the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and
Port Security Bond Act of 2006

Chapter 12.5 California State Lottery Act

Chapter 13 California Broadband Council

Chapter 13.4 Hazardous Building Wall Anchorage Law

Chapter 13.5 Buildings with Concrete or Reinforced Masonry Column or Wall Construction

Chapter 13.8 Residential Strengthening-Seismic Safety

Chapter 14 Earthquake Research Evaluation Conference and Five-Year Statewide Research Plan

Division 2 Legislative Department

Part 1 Legislature

Chapter 1 Legislative Organization

Chapter 1.5 General

Chapter 2 Officers and Employees of the Legislature

Chapter 3 Compensation of Officers and Employees of the Legislature

Chapter 3.5 Retirement of Legislators

Chapter 4 Witnesses

Chapter 5 Enactment of Statutes and Adoption of Resolutions

Chapter 6 Operation of Statutes and Resolutions

Chapter 7 Legislative Printing and Publications

Chapter 8 Legislative Reform

Part 2 Aids to the Legislature

Chapter 1 Legislative Counsel

Chapter 2 California Law Revision Commission [Repealed]

Chapter 3 Commission on Uniform State Laws [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Legislative Audit Bureau

Chapter 5 Joint Legislative Retirement Committee

Chapter 7 Custodian Services for Public Retirement Systems [Repealed]

Division 3 Executive Department

Part 1 State Departments and Agencies

Chapter 1 State Agencies

Chapter 2 State Departments

Chapter 3 Interagency Services and Transactions

Chapter 3.5 Administrative Regulations and Rulemaking

Chapter 4 Office of Administrative Hearings

Chapter 4.5 Administrative Adjudication: General Provisions

Chapter 5 Administrative Adjudication: Formal Hearing

Chapter 5.5 Technology

Chapter 5.6 Department of Technology

Chapter 5.7 Office of Information Security and Office of Privacy Protection

Chapter 6 Statutory Salary Equalization Plan

Chapter 7 Information Technology [Repealed]
Chapter 7.2 Information Technology Innovation Grants Program

Chapter 7.5 State Data Centers

Chapter 8 The Performance and Results Act of 1993

Chapter 8.1 State Government Strategic Planning and Performance Review Act

Chapter 9 Health Care Audits

Chapter 10 The Financial Information System for California (FISCal)

Part 2 Constitutional Officers

Chapter 1 Governor

Chapter 1.5 The California Commission on Industrial Innovation [Repealed]

Chapter 1.6 Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development 12096

Chapter 2 The Lieutenant Governor

Chapter 3 Secretary of State

Chapter 4 Treasurer

Chapter 5 Controller

Chapter 6 Attorney General

Chapter 7 Succession to Constitutional Offices in the Event of War or Enemy-Caused Disaster

Chapter 7.5 Grants of Indian Gaming Revenue to Local Government Agencies

Chapter 8 Commission on Constitutional Officers [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Community Services Block Grant Program

Part 2.5 Agencies

Chapter 1 Administration

Chapter 2 Powers

Chapter 3 [No chapter of this number]

Chapter 4 State Agency Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report Card

Chapter 5 Greenhouse Gas Market-Based Compliance Mechanisms and Linkages to the State

Part 2.8 Department of Fair Employment and Housing

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Succession to Functions and Responsibilities [Repealed]

Chapter 3 Findings and Declarations of Policy

Chapter 4 Definitions

Chapter 5 Powers and Duties

Chapter 6 Discrimination Prohibited

Chapter 7 Enforcement and Hearing Procedures

Chapter 8 Nondiscrimination and Compliance Employment Programs

Chapter 9 Miscellaneous

Part 3 Department of Finance

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Powers and Duties, Generally

Chapter 3 Fiscal Affairs

Chapter 4 Purchases and Services [Repealed]

Chapter 5 The Financial Integrity and State Manager’s Accountability Act of 1983

Chapter 5.5 Division of Economic Development [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Purchase and Sale of Bonds

Chapter 7 Traffic [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Agreements for Social Security Coverage of State and Local Employees [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Division of Communications [Repealed]

Chapter 10 [No chapter of this number.]

Chapter 11 Organization and Management

Part 3.2 Commission on State Finance [Repealed]

Part 3.5 Internal Audits

Part 3.8 Information on Federal Expenditures [Repealed]

Part 4 California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Powers and Duties

Chapter 3 Discharge From Accountability

Chapter 4 State-owned Motor Vehicles [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Indemnification of Victims of Crime

Chapter 5.5 Indemnification of Citizens Benefiting the Public

Chapter 6 Victims of Crime Recovery Center [Repealed]

Part 4.5 Transportation Agency

Chapter 1 General Duties and Powers

Chapter 2 Intellectual Property

Chapter 2.5 State-Funded Research

Part 4.6 State Transportation Board

Part 4.7 Business and Tourism

Chapter 1 California Tourism Marketing Act

Chapter 1.5 California Welcome Centers

Chapter 2 Manufacturing Technology Program [Repealed]

Chapter 2.5 International Trade and Investment

Chapter 3 Economic Development

Chapter 4 Technology Programs

Chapter 5 Space Enterprise Development Act [Repealed]

Part 5 Department of Transportation

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Powers and Duties

Chapter 3 (First of two) State Employee Telecommuting Program

Chapter 3 (Second of two) Public Works

Chapter 4 California Transportation Research and Innovation Program

Part 5.3 California Transportation Commission

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Duties

Chapter 3 Annual Report

Chapter 4 Federal Highway Grant Anticipation Notes )

Chapter 4.5 The Traffic Congestion Relief Act of 2000 )

Chapter 5 Suspension of Article XIX B Transfers

Part 5.5 Department of General Services

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Powers and Duties, Generally

Chapter 3 General Services Advisory Council

Chapter 4 Inventory of Proprietary Lands

Chapter 4.5 Sale of Residential Dwellings

Chapter 5 State Records

Chapter 5.5 State Forms Management

Chapter 6 California State Contracts Register

Chapter 6.5 Small Business Procurement and Contract Act

Chapter 7 Printing

Chapter 8 Traffic

Chapter 8.5 Guaranteed Return Trip Demonstration Project

Chapter 9 Golden State Financial Marketplace Program (GS $Mart Program)

Chapter 10 State Architect

Chapter 11 Emergencies

Chapter 12 Purchase of Prescription Drugs for Government Agencies

Part 5.6 Electronic Funds Transfer Task Force

Chapter 1 Electronic Funds Transfer Task Force [Repealed]

Part 5.7 Economic and Motion Picture Development

Chapter 1 California Film Commission

Chapter 2 Commission For Economic Development

Chapter 3 Uniform Film Permit

Chapter 4 State Theatrical Arts Resources Partnership

Part 6 Department of Justice

Chapter 1 Administration

Chapter 2 State's Teletype System

Chapter 2.5 California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System

Chapter 3 Administration of Justice

Part 6.3 California Center For The Study of Asia Task Force [Repealed]

Part 6.5 California State Communications Law

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Duties and Powers

Chapter 3 Public Safety Communications

Part 6.6 Assistance To Homeless Persons

Chapter 1 Homeless Relief Pilot Project [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Emergency Shelter Program

Part 6.7 Economic and Business Development

Chapter 1 Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency [Repealed]

Chapter 1.3 Technology, Trade, and Commerce Agency [Repealed]

Chapter 1.4 Film California First

Chapter 1.5 California State World Trade Commission [Repealed]

Chapter 1.6 California Tourism Policy Act [Repealed]

Chapter 1.7 International Trade and Investment Offices [Repealed]

Chapter 1.8 California Showcase at Taipei World Trade Center [Repealed]

Chapter 1.9 California Export Promotion and Policy Program [Repealed]

Chapter 1.10 California Central Valley International Trade Center [Repealed]

Chapter 1.11 Public–Private Trade Development Organizations [Repealed]

Chapter 1.12 Job Creation Investment Fund [Repealed]

Chapter 2 Business License Information [Repealed]

Chapter 2.1 Dry Cleaning Plants [Repealed]

Chapter 2.2 California Tourism Marketing Act [Repealed]

Chapter 2.5 Rural Economic Development [Repealed]

Chapter 3 The Permit Reform Act of 1981 [Repealed]

Chapter 3.2 Defense Installation Conversion [Repealed]

Chapter 3.5 California Strategic Technology Programs [Repealed]

Chapter 3.6 California Community Colleges Economic Development Program [Repealed]

Chapter 3.7 Small Business Liaison [Repealed]

Chapter 4 California Small Business Development Center Program [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Export Finance Program [Repealed]

Chapter 6 California Procurement and Technical Assistance Network [Repealed]

Chapter 7 Small Business Bond Insurance Corporation [Repealed]

Chapter 8 The California Main Street Program [Repealed]

Chapter 8.5 Underground Storage Tanks Loan Program Termination [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Strategic Plan and Pilot Programs Technology Development and Deployment [Repealed]

Chapter 10 Supercomputer Center [Repealed]

Chapter 10.5 Supercomputer Center [Repealed]

Chapter 11 Rural Assistance [Repealed]

Chapter 12 Office of Permit Assistance [Repealed]

Part 7 State Public Defender

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Duties and Powers

Part 7.2 Health Facilities Financing Authority Act

Part 7.5 State Allocation Board

Part 8 Local Agency Allocation Law

Part 8.5 Labor and Workforce Development Agency

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Powers and Duties

Chapter 3 California Economic Development Strategic Plan [Repealed]

Part 9 State Board of Equalization

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Surveys of Local Assessment Procedures

Chapter 3 Access to Public Records

Part 10 Franchise Tax Board

Part 10.2 California Economic Development Financing Authority [Repealed]

Part 10.5 State Public Works Board

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 State Public Works Board

Chapter 3 Powers and Duties

Chapter 4 [No chapter of this number.]

Chapter 5 Emergency Public Works

Part 10b State Building Construction

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 General Powers

Chapter 2.1 Art in Public Buildings

Chapter 2.5 California Steel Industry Recovery Commission [Repealed]

Chapter 2.7 Energy Conservation in Public Buildings

Chapter 2.8 Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

Chapter 3 Construction and Leasing of Public Buildings

Chapter 3.1 Lease–Purchase Financing of Prison Construction

Chapter 3.2 Financing of Franchise Tax Board Central Office Project

Chapter 3.2.1 Revenue Bond Financing of Prison Construction—Phase I

Chapter 3.2.2 Revenue Bond Financing of Prison Construction—Phase II [Repealed]

Chapter 3.3 Financing of California Veterans’ Homes

Chapter 3.4 Financing of the Second California Veterans' Home

Chapter 3.5 High Technology Educational and Research Facilities in Public Universities

Chapter 3.6 Research Facilities in the University of California

Chapter 3.7 Libraries and Related Educational Facilities in Public Universities

Chapter 3.8 Instructional Facilities for Higher Education

Chapter 3.9 Financing for Public Postsecondary Educational Facilities and Equipment

Chapter 3.10 Teaching Hospital Seismic Program

Chapter 3.11 Financing of County Jail Facilities

Chapter 3.12 Financing of County Jail Facilities

Chapter 3.13 Financing of Adult Local Criminal Justice Facilities

Chapter 3.131 Financing of Local Criminal Justice Facilities

Chapter 3.14 Financing of San Quentin State Prison Central Health Services Facilities

Chapter 4 Certificates

Chapter 5 Revenue Bonds

Chapter 6 Fiscal Provisions

Chapter 7 The Financial Information System for California [Repealed]

Part 11 Property Acquisition Law

Part 12 State Economic Policy

Chapter 1 Policy for Promoting Employment Growth

Chapter 2 Job Development Act of 1984 [Repealed]

Part 12.2 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team Act

Part 12.5 Ridesharing [Repealed]

Part 13 Social Service Transportation

Chapter 1 Title of Act and Policy

Chapter 2 Definitions

Chapter 3 Exemptions

Chapter 4 Reports

Chapter 5 Plans

Chapter 6 State Review

Chapter 7 Implementation

Part 14 Environmental Quality Study Council [Repealed]

Division 4 Fiscal Affairs

Part 1 Funds for Subventions

Chapter 1 Appropriation

Chapter 1.5 Special Supplemental Subventions

Chapter 2 Homeowners' Property Tax Exemption

Chapter 2.5 Transfers to the State School Fund

Chapter 3 Open–Space Subventions

Chapter 4 In–Lieu Property Tax Relief for Recipients of Public Assistance

Chapter 5 Payment of Postponed Property Taxes [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Payment of Postponed Property Taxes

Part 1.5 Distribution of Funds to Local Agencies

Chapter 1 Cities

Chapter 2 Counties

Chapter 2.5 County Revenue Stabilization

Chapter 3 Special Districts

Chapter 4 Cost of Living Increases

Chapter 5 Reports [Repealed]

Part 2 State Funds

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Special Funds

Chapter 3 Investments

Chapter 4 Bank Deposits

Chapter 4.3 The Accounts Receivable Management Act

Chapter 4.5 Savings and Loan Association Deposits

Chapter 5 Indemnification

Chapter 6 Prohibition on Use of State Funds and Facilities to Assist, Promote, or Deter
Union Organizing

Chapter 7 Prohibited Business Arrangements

Part 3 State Bonds

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 State Fiscal Agent

Chapter 3 Duplicate Bonds

Chapter 4 State General Obligation Bonds

Chapter 5 State Indebtedness

Chapter 6 Minority and Women Business Participation Goals for Professional Bond

Chapter 7 The California Pension Obligation Financing Act [Repealed]

Chapter 8 The California Pension Restructuring Bond Act of 2004

Chapter 9 Transportation Debt Service Fund

Part 4 Warrants

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Registered Warrants

Chapter 3 Temporary Borrowing [Repealed]

Part 5 State Of California Notes

Part 6 Warrants and Centralized Treasury Checks

Chapter 1 General

Part 7 State–Mandated Local Costs

Chapter 1 Legislative Intent

Chapter 2 General Provisions

Chapter 3 Commission on State Mandates

Chapter 4 Identification and Payment of Costs Mandated by the State

Chapter 5 Claims of Offsetting Local Savings Against State Reimbursements [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Operative Date

Part 8 Validating Proceedings

Division 5 Personnel

Part 1 General

Chapter 1 Salaries

Chapter 2 Oaths for State Employees

Chapter 3 Loyalty

Chapter 3.5 Industrial Disability Leave [Repealed]

Chapter 3.6 Nonindustrial Disability Insurance [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Administrative Regulations

Chapter 5 Interns and Student Assistants

Chapter 6 Employee Awards [Repealed]

Chapter 7 Firefighters [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Deferred Compensation [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Rape Prevention Program [Repealed]

Part 2 State Civil Service

Chapter 1 General

Chapter 2 Administration

Chapter 3 Classification

Chapter 4 Employment Lists

Chapter 5 Appointments

Chapter 5.5 Limited Examination and Appointment Program

Chapter 6 Service

Chapter 7 Separations From Service

Chapter 8 Demonstration Projects

Chapter 8.5 Shared Savings Program [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Actions

Chapter 10 Prohibitions and Offenses

Chapter 11 Military Service

Chapter 12 State Civil Service Affirmative Action Program

Part 2.5 Federal Grant-in-Aid Merit System Requirements

Chapter 1 Administra