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New Hampshire Practice Series: Family Law (Volumes 3 and 3A)

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9780769851808
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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781632802484
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An essential tool for anyone who practices in the domestic relations arena, this two-volume practice guide covers all aspects of family law from premarital issues through marriage, separation, and divorce. It provides full coverage of such topics as guardians ad litem, pension law, military law affecting the family, and new federal statutes. These volumes contain many useful forms, as well as sample pleadings, helpful guidelines, and checklists.

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Table of Contents


Ch 1 - Premarital Agreements

Ch 2 - Marriage in New Hampshire

Ch 3 - Husband, Wife, and the Ongoing Family

Ch 4 - The Unwed Family

Ch 5 - Domestic Violence

Ch 6 - Child Abuse and Neglect

Ch 7 - Paternity and Illegitimacy

Ch 8 - Termination of Parental Rights

Ch 9 - Adoption

Ch 10 - Missing Children

Ch 11 - Legal Separation and Separate Maintenance

Ch 12 - Annulment

Ch 13 - Divorce

Ch 14 - Custody

Ch 15 - Interstate Custody Disputes

Ch 16 - Child Support

Ch 17 - The Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act


Ch 18 - Alimony

Ch 19 - Property Division

Ch 20 - Change of Name

Ch 21 - Taxation and Divorce

Ch 22 - Contempt and Other Enforcement Tools

Ch 23 - The Military and the Family

Ch 24 - Guardians Ad Litem

Ch 25 - The Legal System: Courts, Attorneys, and Alternative Dispute Resolution