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Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated

Publisher: Michie

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Print Book :39 volumes, hardbound, with current supplement
ISBN: 9780327096283
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Be sure that the law you read is the law indeed
Official isn't just a word. It's a process. The Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Compilation, Revision and Publication of Legislation maintains careful editorial control over the publication of the official Mississippi code, from the moment LexisNexis receives the acts to the final galley proofs of the finished product. Their strict supervision ensures that the published code and its supplements contain no errors in content, conform carefully to the numbering scheme, and publish in a timely manner.

Cite the code that's guaranteed to be right
Because it's official, you can rely on LexisNexis' Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated for the correct statement of the law, whether you get it on CD or in print. Cite it with confidence; it's the original source supported by the state and guaranteed to be the accepted authority in the state court system. Don't bet on derivative sources created outside and distant from the process.

Rely on over 150 years of code publishing experience
The lawyer-editors who prepare the Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated work in close cooperation with the Legislative Committee to provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive, and current statutory language available. They read and analyze every Mississippi and federal case construing the statutes and court rules, as well as opinions of the Attorney General and other administrative and regulatory agencies. They then create concise annotations that interpret the statutes, giving you insight into how courts apply your case's facts. Their efforts save you valuable research time by focusing only on cases that are on point, current, and relevant.

Table of Contents

39 volumes plus current cumulative supplement
The official state statutes, fully annotated
Mississippi Court Rules Annotated (replaced annually
and supplemented semiannually)
Advance Legislative Service (ALS)
Advance Code Service (ACS)
Annotation Citator (Provides Shepard's treatment for
all cases cited in annotations)
Brand new Index in 1999 - comprehensive, revised
Fully annotated cumulative supplements published
annually within 90 days of receipt of all Acts.
Annotations based on:
All Mississippi Cases and Federal Cases arising
in Mississippi
State Law Reviews
American Law Reports (ALR)
Attorney General Opinions
All case citations Shepardized for accuracy

Mississippi Code

Title 1. Laws And Statutes

Title 3. State Sovereignty, Jurisdiction And Holidays

Title 5. Legislative Department

Title 7. Executive Department

Title 9. Courts

Title 11. Civil Practice And Procedure

Title 13. Evidence, Process And Juries

Title 15. Limitations Of Actions And Prevention Of Frauds

Title 17. Local Government; Provisions Common To Counties And Municipalities

Title 19. Counties And County Officers

Title 21. Municipalities

Title 23. Elections

Title 25. Public Officers And Employees; Public Records

Title 27. Taxation And Finance

Title 29. Public Lands, Buildings And Property

Title 31. Public Business, Bonds And Obligations

Title 33. Military Affairs

Title 35. War Veterans And Pensions

Title 37. Education

Title 39. Libraries, Arts, Archives And History

Title 41. Public Health

Title 43. Public Welfare

Title 45. Public Safety And Good Order

Title 47. Prisons And Prisoners; Probation And Parole

Title 49. Conservation And Ecology

Title 51. Waters, Water Resources, Water Districts, Drainage, And Flood Control

Title 53. Oil, Gas, And Other Minerals

Title 55. Parks And Recreation

Title 57. Planning, Research And Development

Title 59. Ports, Harbors, Landings And Watercraft

Title 61. Aviation

Title 63. Motor Vehicles And Traffic Regulations

Title 65. Highways, Bridges And Ferries

Title 67. Alcoholic Beverages

Title 69. Agriculture, Horticulture, And Animals

Title 71. Labor And Industry

Title 73. Professions And Vocations

Title 75. Regulation Of Trade, Commerce And Investments

Title 77. Public Utilities And Carriers

Title 79. Corporations, Associations, And Partnerships

Title 81. Banks And Financial Institutions

Title 83. Insurance

Title 85. Debtor-Creditor Relationship

Title 87. Contracts And Contractual Relations

Title 89. Real And Personal Property

Title 91. Trusts And Estates

Title 93. Domestic Relations

Title 95. Torts

Title 97. Crimes

Title 99. Criminal Procedure