Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland

Publisher: Michie
Frequency: (3 issues)

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Print Book :51 volumes, hardbound set includes current cumulative supplement
ISBN: 9780327117544
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Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland is the reference set Maryland practitioners can rely on time after time for expertly annotated Maryland primary law.

This 51-volume set with the current cumulative supplement contains the authoritative statutory text and Michie's Maryland Rules, both meticulously annotated with Shepardized caselaw to guarantee accuracy and dependability, as well as law review articles and Attorney General Opinions.

Also included are a comprehensive index, tables of disposition and a transfer table. The Advance Code Service, published three times a year, provides updated statutes and the most current case law, while the cumulative supplement is published annually within 90 days of receiving all the legislature's acts.

Buy Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland today and assure your Maryland clients that your research starts with the best and most current annotated primary law available.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1: Articles 1-26A

Volume 2: Articles 27-101


Alcoholic Beverages Article

Business Occupations And Professions

Business Regulation

Commercial Law I: §§ 1-101 to 8-511 (U.C.C.)

Commercial Law II: §§ 9-101 to 12-1304 (U.C.C. and State)

Commercial Law III: §§ 13-101 to End (State)


Corporations And Associations

Correctional Services

Courts and Judicial Proceedings I: §§ 1-101 to 4-506

Courts and Judicial Proceedings II: §§ 5-101 to End

Criminal Law Criminal Procedure

Economic Development


Election Law

Environment I: §§ 1-101 to 8-601

Environment II: §§ 9-101 to End

Estates And Trusts

Family Law

Financial Institutions

General Provisions Article

Health-General I: §§ 1-101 to 18-1009

Health-General II: §§ 19-101 to End

Health Occupations, Titles 1 to 11

Health Occupations, Titles 12 to End

Housing and Community Development

Human Services

Insurance I: §§ 1-101 to 12-306

Insurance II: §§ 13-101 to End

Labor And Employment

Land Use

Local Government I §§ 1-101 to 12-903

Local Government II §§ 13-101 to End

Natural Resources I: § 1-101 to Title 7

Natural Resources II: §§ 8-101 to End

Public Safety

Public Utilities

Real Property

State Finance And Procurement

State Government Titles 1 to 9, Subtitle 16

State Government Titles 9, Subtitle 17 to End

State Personnel And Pensions



Transportation I: §§ 1-101 to 10-303

Transportation II: §§ 11-101 to 20-113

Transportation III: §§ 21-101 to End


Index A to H

Index I to Z

Maryland Rules 1

Maryland Rules 2