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Maryland Court Rules Annotated

Publisher: Michie

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Print Book :2 volumes, softcover set
2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522102298
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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522124580
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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522124580
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Note: The price displayed for this product is for customers residing in Maryland. Out-of-State customers please call 1-800-223-1940 for specific pricing information. THE MARYLAND COURT RULES in two volumes includes rules of the Maryland Court of Appeals,appendices of miscellaneous rules, including the Internal Operating Procedures for the Maryland Court of Appeals, as well as selected federal court rules that apply specifically in Maryland. It is updated semiannually and includes annotations to State and federal cases, Maryland law reviews, and Attorney General opinions. Comprehensive indexes direct the user quickly to the rules you need.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Court of Appeals and Appellate Judicial Circuits

Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure

Court of Appeals Orders Adopting Rules of Practice and Procedure

Maryland Rules

Title 1. General Provisions

Title 2. Civil Procedure — Circuit Court

Title 3. Civil Procedure — District Court

Title 4. Criminal Causes

Bail Bond Forms

Forms for Expungement of Records

Title 5. Evidence

Title 6. Settlement of Decedents' Estates

Title 7. Appellate and Other Judicial Review in Circuit Court

Title 8. Appellate Review in the Court of Appeals and Court ofSpecial Appeals

Volume 2

Maryland Rules

Title 9. Family Law Actions

Title 10. Guardians and Other Fiduciaries

Title 11. Juvenile Causes

Title 12. Property Actions

Title 13. Receivers and Assignees

Title 14. Sales of Property

Title 15. Other Special Proceedings

Title 16. Courts, Judges, and Attorneys

Title 17. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Title 20. Electronic Filing and Case Management

Appendix: Forms

Forms for Juvenile Causes

Bail Bond Forms

Forms for Special Admission of Out-of-State Attorney

Form Interrogatories

Appendix: The Maryland Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct

Appendix: Ideals of Professionalism

Appendix: Guidelines of Advocacy for Attorneys Representing Children in CINA and Related TPR and Adoption Proceedings

Appendix: Maryland Guidelines for Practice for Court-Appointed

Lawyers Representing Children in Cases Involving Child Custody or Child Access

Appendix: Maryland Code of Conduct for Court Interpreters

Appendix: Guidelines Regarding Compensable and Non-Compensable

Attorneys' Fees and Related Expenses

Appendix: Court Interpreter Inquiry Questions

Appendix: Tables of Comparable Rules

Maryland District Rules [Rescinded or transferred]

Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Maryland

Internal Operating Rules of the Court of Appeals of Maryland

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure for United States Courts of Appeals; Local Rules and Internal Operating
Procedures of the Fourth Circuit

Rules for Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings

Rules of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland

Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland