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Florida Civil Practice Before Trial

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Print Book :1 volume, hardcover, 1452 pages
11th Edition
ISBN: 9781630439101
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11th Edition
ISBN: 9781632811776
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11th Edition
ISBN: 9781632811776
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This manual guides the practitioner through the multiple steps necessary to procedurally ready a case for trial and is the perfect compliment to Florida Civil Trial Practice. This popular reference includes recent significant changes made by case law, statutes, and rules amendments.

Highlights of the new Eleventh Edition include discussions of:

•  Drafting Jury Instructions - revised checklist for preparing scientific expert testimony jury instructions based on the recently adopted Daubert standard and the 2013 Florida Supreme Court approved Florida Standard Jury Instruction in contracts and business.
•  Updated statutes, rules, and case law.

Discussion of hot topics including:

•  Recent amendments relating to electronically stored information.
•  The Florida Revised Limited Liability Act relating to service of process on Limited Liability Companies.
•  Recent amendments relating to the minimization of personal information throughout the discovery process.
•  The Florida Supreme Court's holding that having a cap on noneconomic damages in certain instances is unconstitutional.
•  The Florida Supreme Court's recent decision discussing legislative privilege and holding that such privilege is not absolute.

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Table of Contents

1. Attorney-Client Relationship

2. Organization And Development Of The Case

3. Tax Considerations Of Litigation

4. Settlement

5. Choice Of Remedy

6. Jurisdiction

7. Venue

8. Claims Against Public Entities And Employees

9. Protecting Litigation Rights

10. Statutes Of Limitations

11. Joinder Of Parties And Actions

12. Pleadings

13. Motions And Orders

14. Process And Appearance

15. Removal And Remand

16. Discovery

17. Case Management And Pretrial Conferences

18. Default And Relief from Default

19. Summary Judgment

20. Dismissals

21. Injunctions

22. Declaratory Relief

23. Interpleader

24. Receiverships In Florida

25. Extraordinary Writs And Remedies

26. Third-Party Practice

27. Common-Law Pleading, Forms Of Action, And Glossary Of Terms