Alabama Tort Law

The most comprehensive Alabama tort law treatise available.
Publisher: Michie

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7th Edition
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This latest edition of Alabama Tort Law is the most comprehensive tort law treatise in Alabama, authored by the distinguished trial lawyer Michael L. Roberts of Cusimano, Roberts,& Mills, LLC. Inside you'll find comprehensive coverage of every type of personal injury case, along with expert analysis of the historical background and current status of tort law in Alabama. Widely cited in Alabama appellate decisions, this two-volume, fifty-chapter publication addresses all points of Alabama tort law.

Don't start your next case in tort without Alabama Tort Law.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Negligence

Chapter 2. Contributory Negligence And Assumption Of Risk

Chapter 3. Wantonness And Willfulness

Chapter 4. Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Chapter 5. Guest Statute

Chapter 6. Negligent Entrustment And Supervision

Chapter 7. Dram Shop Actions

Chapter 8. Premises Liability

Chapter 9. Landlord's Liability For Injuries To Tenant

Chapter 10. Negligence Liability For Highway Conditions

Chapter 11. Criminal Acts Of Third Parties

Chapter 12. Injuries By Animals

Chapter 13. Workers' Compensation

Chapter 14. Employer's Liability Act

Chapter 15. Co-Employee And Negligent Inspection Liability

Chapter 16. Wrongful Employment Termination

Chapter 17. Medical Malpractice

Chapter 18. Legal Malpractice

Chapter 19. Products Liability

Chapter 20. Fraud And Related Actions

Chapter 21. Bad Faith

Chapter 22. Invasion Of Privacy

Chapter 23. Tort Of Outrage

Chapter 24. Defamation

Chapter 25. Slander Of Title

Chapter 26. Intentional Interference With Business Or Contractual Relations And Other Business Torts

Chapter 27. Malicious Prosecution, Abuse Of Process And False Imprisonment

Chapter 28. Assault And Battery

Chapter 29. Conversion

Chapter 30. Trespass

Chapter 31. Nuisance

Chapter 32. Abnormally Dangerous Activities

Chapter 33. Wrongful Death

Chapter 34. Tort Claims Against Municipalities And Other Governmental Entities

Chapter 35. Family Relations And Torts

Chapter 36. Joint Tortfeasors

Chapter 37. Vicarious Liability

Chapter 38. Conspiracy

Chapter 39. Choice Of Law

Chapter 40. Compensatory Damages

Chapter 41. Compensatory Damages For Injured Property Interests

Chapter 42. Punitive Damages

Chapter 43. Remittitur

Chapter 44. Evidentiary Issues In Torts

Chapter 45. Venue

Chapter 46. Statute Of Limitations

Chapter 47. Arbitration

Chapter 48. Class Actions

Chapter 49. Estoppel Claims And Defenses

Chapter 50. Preemption

Appendix A: General Considerations In Preparation And Trial Of A Tort Case

Appendix B: Practical Aspects Of Premises Liability

Appendix C: Practical Aspects Of Retaliatory Discharge

Appendix D: Practical Aspects Of Products Liability

Appendix E: Practical Aspects Of Fraud

Appendix F: Practical Aspects Of Invasion Of Privacy

Appendix G: Practical Aspects Of Remittitur

Appendix H: Practical Aspects Of Trucking Negligence

Appendix I: Practical Aspects Of Arbitration

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes