Real Estate Financing--Text, Forms, Tax Analysis

Step-by-step coverage of every type and facet of real estate financing.

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Print Book:8 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated with revisions.
ISBN: 9780820515922
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Step-by-step coverage of every type and facet of real estate financing, including fee and leasehold mortgages; construction loans; financing of industrial and commercial condominiums, shopping centers and airspace projects; wrap-around mortgages; private mortgage insurance; sale and leaseback; syndications and real estate investment trusts; limited liability companies; tax-free exchanges; accounting methods.

Now with chapters on mortgage fraud and foreclosure rescue scam litigation.

In-depth tax analysis of all major types of transactions; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; mortgage loan opinions; commitment letters; appraisals; illustrative forms and documents; surveys of federal, state and local financing programs; SEC reporting and disclosure requirements; industrial bond programs; low-income housing tax credit; REITs; installment sales; mortgage-backed securities; workouts and distressed real estate; FIRREA and the RTC; interest-rate savings; real estate tax abatement; credit guarantees; Special charts, bibliography, index, and table of forms, updated regularly.

First published in 1973.

Also available on Authority Real Estate Law Library CD-ROM.

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Table of contents

PART I — The Mortgage as a Financing Tool — An Analysis of Conventional Mortgages and Federal, State and Local Programs

CHAPTER 1 — Scope of the Treatise and Discussion of Trends in Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 1A — Analysis of Real Estate Investments

CHAPTER 1B — Mortgage Brokers

CHAPTER 1C — The Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act

CHAPTER 2 — Tax Issues Affecting Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 2A — Preparing the Commercial Mortgage Application

CHAPTER 2B — Representing the Builder Owner of a New Office Building

CHAPTER 2C — Nominee Corporations

CHAPTER 2D — Mortgage Loan Opinions

CHAPTER 2E — Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

CHAPTER 2F — State-by-State Summary of Usury Laws

CHAPTER 2G — Usury

CHAPTER 2H — Real Property Valuation Law for Real Estate Financing—Beyond Traditional Appraisals

CHAPTER 2I — Discrimination in Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 2J — Commitment Letters

CHAPTER 2K — Ginnie Mae (GNMA) and the Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities Programs

CHAPTER 2L — The Role of the Secondary Mortgage Market

CHAPTER 2M — Green Financing: Governmental and Private Programs Concerning Financing of Green Buildings

CHAPTER 3 — Mortgage Theory

CHAPTER 3A — Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC)

CHAPTER 3B — Variable Rate Mortgages

CHAPTER 3C — The Mortgage Recording Tax—Practical Considerations and Mortgage Drafting Problems

CHAPTER 3D — Construction Loan Financing

CHAPTER 3E — Commercial Mortgages: Law and Practice

CHAPTER 3F — Commercial Mortgage Forms

CHAPTER 3G — Mortgage-Backed Securities

CHAPTER 3H — Mortgage Modification Agreements

CHAPTER 3I — Residential Mortgages

CHAPTER 3J — State and Local Real Estate Financing Programs

CHAPTER 4 — Federal Real Estate Financing Programs

CHAPTER 4A — Federal Regulations Affecting Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 4B — Consumer Privacy and Financial Institutions

CHAPTER 4C — Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

CHAPTER 4D — The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)

CHAPTER 4E — Federal Securities Regulation of Real Estate Transactions

CHAPTER 4F — Licensing of Brokers and Dealers Involved in the Sale of Real Estate Syndications

CHAPTER 4G — Effect of Forfeiture Laws on Mortgage Lenders

CHAPTER 5 — Joint Ventures with Institutional and Other Lenders

CHAPTER 5A — Mortgage Fraud Legislation

CHAPTER 5B — Foreclosure Rescue Scam Litigation

PART II — The Lease as a Financial Vehicle

CHAPTER 6 — The Sale-Leaseback as a Financing Vehicle

CHAPTER 7 — Drafting Ground and Space Leases to Promote Mortgageability

CHAPTER 7A — Mortgageability of Ground and Space Leases

PART III — Tax-Free Exchanges; Tax Credits

CHAPTER 8 — The Tax-Free Exchange of Real Estate

CHAPTER 8A — The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

CHAPTER 8B — The Rehabilitation Tax Credit

PART IV — Secondary Financing and Title Issues

CHAPTER 9 — Title Issues Affecting Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 9A — Secondary Financing

CHAPTER 10 — Workouts and Distressed Real Estate

CHAPTER 10A — FIRREA and the Resolution Trust Corporation

PART V — Financing Arrangements Tailored to Particular Projects

CHAPTER 11 — Real Estate Programs

CHAPTER 11A — Real Estate Investment Trusts

CHAPTER 11B — Real Estate Limited Partnerships

CHAPTER 11C — Limited Liability Companies

CHAPTER 12 — Financing Airspace Projects

CHAPTER 13 — Financing Industrial and Commercial Condominiums

CHAPTER 14 — Financing Shopping Centers

CHAPTER 14A — Condominium Project Workouts

CHAPTER 15 — Financing the Residential Condominium

CHAPTER 15A — Interest Rate Swaps

PART VI — Accounting for Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 16 — Accounting for Real Estate Financing

CHAPTER 17 — Real Estate Financing Forms, Continued

CHAPTER 17A — [Reserved]

CHAPTER 17B — Accounting Practices of Real Estate Investment Trusts

PART VII — Other Transactions

CHAPTER 18 — The Installment Sale

CHAPTER 19 — Blockchain and Bitcoin (and Other Cryptocurrency) in Real Estate Financing

APPENDIX A — Selected Bibliography on Real Estate Financing (Including List of Websites)