Personal Injury Forms: Discovery & Settlement

Discover hundreds of tested forms, plus detailed checklists and practice guides for client contact, case evaluation, experts, discovery and settlement in any personal injury case. Track critical topics in specific cases, such as automobile, medical negligence, slip and fall, and others.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Personal Injury Forms: Discovery & Settlement

Keep your cases moving forward. Establishing proven routines for processing your tort cases can boost your efficiency and your effectiveness. Tools for systematizing your caseload may be found in Ron Bankston and John Tarantino's Personal Injury Forms: Discovery & Settlement.

Faster Settlements

This book and disc package offers time-tested forms and advice on how to use them. The first half of the book focuses on tools applicable to all types of personal injury litigation; the second half covers the following types of cases:

•   Auto accidents
•   Insurance bad faith
•   Liquor liability
•   Medical malpractice
•   Police assault & battery
•   Premises security
•   Products liability
•   Slip & fall
•   Workers' compensation
•   And more

In personal injury litigation, mismanagement and inefficiency often plague the early phases of case development. Over 300 carefully selected forms, checklists, questionnaires, complaints, and memoranda will help you organize and economize your personal injury work. Improve the speed and effectiveness of your intake, investigation, pleading, discovery, and settlement with these practice-proven tools:

•   Model interrogatories
•   Deposition checklists
•   Interview questionnaires
•   Case evaluation checklists
•   Client, witness and expert letters
•   Sample complaints
•   Memoranda
•   Motions
•   Settlement letters

The authors' years of experience have yielded practical advice and techniques for overcoming common problems. Troublesome issues are analyzed with case authority, and case-specific liability hurdles are tackled. The following are just a few of the helpful tips you will learn from Personal Injury Forms:

•   How to spot clients who are likely to be difficult ... before they cause you problems. Section 115
•   Understanding which cases not to accept. Section 116
•   Discovery motions help you move around common obstacles. Section 753
•   How to refute defense claims of malingering. Section 118
•   Model client letters and attachments, like a "what to expect" letter with a special damages record, improve client communication and encourage client assistance. Section 133
•   How to use the independent medical examination to the plaintiff's advantage. Section 244
•   How to deal with the subsequent treating physician. Section 245
•   Detailed advice on justifying awards for non-economic losses. Section 252
•   Tips for dealing with insurance adjusters, including common hurdles and how to get over them. Section 230

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Table of Contents

Initial Client Contact
Investigation and Evaluation
Premises Liability
Products Liability and Toxic Tort Cases
Medical Malpractice
Police Assault and Battery
Automobile Accidents
Dram Shop/Liquor Liability
Insurance Bad Faith
Premises Security