Lexis Practice Advisor® Forms Pack - Employee Recruiting and Screening

A set of expertly drafted checklists and editable forms - annotated with summaries, drafting notes and alternate and optional clauses - that provide step-by-step practical guidance and the tools necessary to conduct and document the employee recruiting and screening process with accuracy and precision.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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ISBN: 9781522139430
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The Employee Recruiting and Screening Pack contains 18 documents drafted by expert attorney authors. The pack includes relevant screening and recruiting policies, agreements, notices, and checklists. The checklists and editable policies, agreements, and notices include practical guidance in the form of summaries, drafting notes, and alternate and optional clauses.

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Table of contents

This Lexis Practice Advisor Forms Pack contains:

Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy
Background Check Policy
Conducting Effective Job Interviews Checklist
Requesting, Handling, and Disclosing Medical and Genetic Information Checklist
Drafting Employment Application Checklist
Pre-employment Screening and Obtaining/Using Consumer Reports Checklist
Employment Application (Equal Opportunity Employer)
Employment of Relatives / Anti-nepotism Policy
Employment Placement Services Agreement
Fair Credit Reporting Act Consumer and Investigative Consumer Reports Procurement Disclosure
Fair Credit Reporting Act Pre-adverse Action Disclosure Notice
Fair Credit Reporting Act Authorization to Obtain Consumer and Investigative Consumer Reports
Fair Credit Reporting Act Final Adverse Action Disclosure Notice
Guidelines for Human Resources and Hiring Managers for Using Background Checks
Permissible Interview Questions Checklist
Professional Employer Organization Client Service Agreement
Referral Bonus Policy
Temporary Employee Staffing Agreement

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