Bender's Forms of Discovery

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Be Prepared For Every Piece Of Evidence Your Opponent Has With Comprehensive Pretrial Discovery

Discovery is a key to success in all types of litigation. This quintessential tool for discovery in federal and state courts is the only product to combine full analysis of discovery law with a complete set of discovery forms.

Interrogatory Forms for All Kinds of Cases

Bender's Forms of Discovery provides an A-to-Z selection of sample interrogatories for more than 200 title categories from Accounting to Zoning. These samples are easily located thanks to these time-savers: Scope Note - quick analysis of the subject title followed by cross-references to other related titles; Table of Contents - listing of all interrogatories for both plaintiff and defendant included under the subject title; Summary of Form - synopsis offering descriptive heading for each question appearing in each form; and more!

Full Coverage of Federal Discovery Law and Related State Laws

This comprehensive litigation guide also offers in-depth discussion and action-oriented practice materials for all other discovery methods, including: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26 through 33; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 34; an expanded Digest of Items Sought under FRCP 34 and 45(d); FRCP 35 and 36; FRCP 37 and 45(d); Criminal Discovery; and an in-depth discussion of discovery in complex litigation.

Charts and Appendices Surveying State Discovery Practice

Bender's Forms of Discovery features comprehensive, updated charts comparing the discovery rules of the 50 states with the various federal discovery rules, as well as appendices providing the text of the state discovery rules at variance with the federal rules.

Contains Comprehensive Forms for All Types of Discovery

•   The most complete set of interrogatory forms available--for use in virtually every type of civil action or proceeding and a wide variety of fact patterns
•   Requests for admission
•   Protective orders
•   Deposition notices
•   Requests for production
•   Rule 35 requests and orders
•   motions and orders to compel discovery
•   motions and orders to modify or squash deposition subpoenas
•   motions for criminal discovery
•   orders in complex litigation

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Table of contents

Volume 1 Interrogatories: Accountants To Athletics 
Chapter 1 Accountants
Chapter 2 Accounting, Action For
Chapter 3 Administrative Proceedings
Chapter 4 Advertising
Chapter 5 Agency
Chapter 6 Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 7 Aliens
Chapter 8 Animals
Chapter 9 Architects
Chapter 10 Asbestos
Chapter 11 Assault And Battery
Chapter 12 Athletics, Games, And Sports

Volume 2 Interrogatories: Attorneys To Automobiles
Chapter 13 Attorneys At Law
Chapter 14 Automobiles-Collisions

Volume 2A Interrogatories: Aviation To Birth And Death
Chapter 15 Aviation
Chapter 16 Bailments
Chapter 17 Banks
Chapter 18 Bars And Taverns
Chapter 19 Beauty Parlors And Cosmetologists
Chapter 20 Bicycles, Motorcycles And Motor Scooters
Chapter 21 Birth And Death, Establishment And Time Of

Volume 3 Interrogatories: Boats And Ships To Building Contracts
Chapter 22 Boats And Ships
Chapter 23 Bridges
Chapter 24 Brokers
Chapter 25 Building Contracts

Volume 3A Interrogatories: Building Materials To Business Existence
Chapter 26 Building Materials
Chapter 27 Buildings, Business Establishments And Private Property
Chapter 28 Buses And Streetcars
Chapter 29 Business--Antitrust, Monopolies And Restraint Of Trade
Chapter 30 Business Existence Or Status

Volume 3B Interrogatories: Cancellation Of Instruments To Collisions, Salvage And Towage
Chapter 31 Cancellation Of Instruments
Chapter 32 Captions And Formal Parts
Chapter 33 Cargo Actions
Chapter 34 Carriers
Chapter 35 Ceilings
Chapter 36 Charities
Chapter 37 Chattel Mortgages
Chapter 38 Churches And Religious Organizations
Chapter 39 Cigarettes And Tobacco Products
Chapter 40 Civil Rights
Chapter 41 Civil Service
Chapter 42 Claim And Delivery (Replevin)
Chapter 43 Class Actions
Chapter 44 Collisions, Salvage, And Towage

Volume 3C Interrogatories: Computers To Conversion
Chapter 45 Computers
Chapter 46 Condominiums
Chapter 47 Conspiracy
Chapter 48 Construction Operations
Chapter 49 Consumer Fraud
Chapter 50 Contact Lenses
Chapter 51 Contracts
Chapter 52 Control And Custody
Chapter 53 Conversion

Volume 4 Interrogatories: Corporations To Defamation
Chapter 54 Corporations
Chapter 55 Counties
Chapter 56 Covenants And Restrictions
Chapter 57 Crops
Chapter 58 Customs
Chapter 59 Damages
Chapter 60 Dead Bodies
Chapter 61 Decedents' Estates
Chapter 62 Deeds
Chapter 63 Defamation

Volume 4A Interrogatories: Definitions To Drugs And Druggists
Chapter 64 Definitions
Chapter 65 Dentists
Chapter 66 Divorce And Separation
Chapter 67 Drains And Sewers
Chapter 68 Drugs And Druggists

Volume 5 Interrogatories: Earnings To Emotional Distress
Chapter 69 Earnings, Income And Assets
Chapter 70 Electricity
Chapter 71 Elevators And Escalators
Chapter 72 Eminent Domain
Chapter 73 Emotional Distress

Volume 5A Interrogatories: Employment Discrimination To Employment Suits
Chapter 74 Employment Discrimination
Chapter 75 Employment, Fact Of
Chapter 76 Employment Suits

Volume 5B Interrogatories: Engineers To Fireworks
Chapter 77 Engineers
Chapter 78 Estoppel
Chapter 79 Excavations
Chapter 80 Execution On Judgments
Chapter 81 Exhibits And Photographs, Existence And Custody Of
Chapter 82 Experts, Identity And Qualifications Of
Chapter 83 Explosions
Chapter 84 Fair Credit Reporting Act
Chapter 85 Fair Housing
Chapter 86 False Imprisonment
Chapter 87 Farm Equipment And Machinery
Chapter 88 Firearms
Chapter 89 Fires
Chapter 90 Fireworks

Volume 5C Interrogatories: Fixtures To Hospitals
Chapter 91 Fixtures
Chapter 92 Food And Beverages
Chapter 93 Franchises
Chapter 94 Fraud
Chapter 95 Fraudulent Conveyances
Chapter 96 Freedom Of Information Act
Chapter 97 Gas And Gas Companies
Chapter 98 Gifts
Chapter 99 Glass
Chapter 100 Guardians And Wards
Chapter 101 Guests And Passengers
Chapter 102 Hallways And Passageways
Chapter 103 Hazardous Materials
Chapter 104 Hospitals And Health Care Facilities

Volume 6 Interrogatories: Hotels And Motels To Investigations
Chapter 105 Hotels And Motels
Chapter 106 Husband And Wife
Chapter 107 Identification
Chapter 108 Indemnity
Chapter 109 Independent Contractors
Chapter 110 Infants
Chapter 111 Insane And Incompetent Persons
Chapter 112 Inspections And Safety Precautions
Chapter 113 Insurance
Chapter 114 Insurance Coverage And Financial Responsibility
Chapter 115 Investigations And Reports

Volume 6A Interrogatories: Jurisdiction To Metal Failure
Chapter 116 Jurisdiction
Chapter 117 Labor
Chapter 118 Landlord And Tenant
Chapter 118A Lead Paint
Chapter 119 Licenses
Chapter 120 Liens
Chapter 121 Literary Property And Copyright
Chapter 122 Livestock
Chapter 123 Logs And Timber
Chapter 124 Lost Or Destroyed Papers
Chapter 125 Machines And Machinery
Chapter 126 Malicious Prosecution And Abuse Of Process
Chapter 127 Mechanics' Liens
Chapter 128 Medical History, Examinations, And Reports
Chapter 129 Metal Failure

Volume 7 Interrogatories: Mines To Paternity
Chapter 130 Mines
Chapter 130A Mold
Chapter 131 Municipal Corporations
Chapter 132 Negligence
Chapter 133 Newspapers
Chapter 134 Nuisances
Chapter 135 Oil And Gas
Chapter 136 Owners And Ownership
Chapter 137 Parent And Child
Chapter 138 Parking Lots
Chapter 139 Parks, Playgrounds And Other Recreational Areas
Chapter 140 Partnership
Chapter 141 Patents
Chapter 142 Paternity And Illegitimate Children

Volume 7A Interrogatories: Pavement And Paving To Prisons And Prisoners
Chapter 143 Pavement And Paving
Chapter 144 Payment
Chapter 145 Personal History
Chapter 146 Personal Injuries
Chapter 147 Physicians And Other Medical Personnel
Chapter 148 Platforms
Chapter 149 Prior Accidents And Conditions
Chapter 150 Prisons And Prisoners

Volume 8 Interrogatories: Products Liability: Consumer Products
Chapter 151 Products Liability

Volume 8A Interrogatories: Products Liability: Commercial Products
Chapter 151a Products Liability Continued

Volume 8B Interrogatories: Promissory Notes To Railroads
Chapter 152 Promissory Notes And Bills
Chapter 153 Public Officers
Chapter 154 Public Utilities
Chapter 155 Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations
Chapter 156 Railroads

Volume 8C Interrogatories: Real Estate To Restaurants
Chapter 157 Real Estate--Mortgages And Trust Deeds
Chapter 158 Real Property
Chapter 159 Records
Chapter 160 Registrations And Elections
Chapter 161 Releases, Compromises And Settlements
Chapter 162 Repairs Subsequently Made
Chapter 163 Repossession
Chapter 164 Reputation And Character
Chapter 165 Residence And Domicile
Chapter 166 Restaurants

Volume 9 Interrogatories: Restitution To Signs
Chapter 167 Restitution
Chapter 168 Roofs
Chapter 169 Sales
Chapter 170 Scaffolds
Chapter 171 Schools And Educational Institutions
Chapter 172 Secured Transactions
Chapter 173 Securities Regulations
Chapter 174 Service Stations
Chapter 175 Signatures, Mailing And Receipt Of Interrogatories
Chapter 176 Signs And Advertising Structures

Volume 9A Interrogatories: Slip And Fall To Taxicabs
Chapter 177 Slip And Fall
Chapter 178 Smoke And Fumes
Chapter 179 Smokestacks
Chapter 180 Sound Recordings
Chapter 181 Specific Performance
Chapter 182 Stairways And Steps
Chapter 183 Statements And Admissions, Existence And Custody Of
Chapter 184 Statutes And Ordinances
Chapter 185 Stores And Other Business Premises
Chapter 186 Stoves And Heaters
Chapter 187 Streets And Highways
Chapter 188 Subrogation
Chapter 189 Support And Custody
Chapter 190 Suretyship
Chapter 191 Swimming Pools
Chapter 192 Taxes And Assessments
Chapter 193 Taxicabs

Volume 9B Interrogatories: Telephones And Telegraphs To Trademarks And Trade names
Chapter 194 Telephones And Telegraphs
Chapter 195 Television And Radio
Chapter 196 Theaters, Shows And Amusement Places
Chapter 197 Title Insurance
Chapter 198 Trademarks And Trade names

Volume 9C Interrogatories: Trade Regulation To Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 199 Trade Regulation
Chapter 200 Traffic Signals And Signs
Chapter 201 Trailers And Trailer Parks
Chapter 202 Trees
Chapter 203 Trespass
Chapter 204 Trucks And Trucking
Chapter 205 Trusts
Chapter 206 Truth-In-Lending
Chapter 207 Unfair Competition
Chapter 208 Uniform Commercial Code

Volume 10 Interrogatories: Unsafe Working Conditions To Witnesses, Names Of
Chapter 209 Unsafe Working Conditions
Chapter 210 Usury
Chapter 211 Warranties
Chapter 212 Waste
Chapter 213 Waters
Chapter 214 Welfare
Chapter 215 Wharves, Piers And Docks
Chapter 216 Wills
Chapter 217 Witnesses, Names Of

Volume 10A Interrogatories: Worker's Compensation To Zoning; Index To Forms
Chapter 218 Worker's Compensation
Chapter 219 Wrongful Death
Chapter 220 X-Rays
Chapter 221 Zoning
Appendix A Uniform Interrogatories
Appendix B State Discovery Rules
Appendix C Disclosure Implementation Report

Volume 11 Discovery Generally; Depositions; Interrogatories
Chapter 1 General Provisions Governing Discovery—Rule 26
Chapter 2 Depositions
Chapter 3 Interrogatories to Parties—Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Appendix A Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Governing Discovery Rules 26-33
Appendix B Comparison of State Rules With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26 Through 33
Appendix C State Rules Governing Discovery at Variance With the Federal Rules

Volume 12 Production and Inspection; Privileges
Chapter 4 Production of Documents and Things and Entry Upon Land for Inspection and Other
Purposes Appendix D Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34
Appendix E Comparison of State Statutes With Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34
Appendix F State Rules at Variance With Federal Rule 34
Chapter 5 Privileges
Appendix 5A Federal Rule of Evidence 501 and Proposed, But Not Adopted, Federal Rules of Evidence 501 Through 51
3 Appendix 5B 1974 Uniform Rules of Evidence, Article V—Privileges
Appendix 5C Comparison of State Rules on Privileges
Appendix 5D State Rules Governing Privileges at Variance With the Uniform Rules of Evidence and the Proposed Federal Rules of Evidence Respecting Privileges

Volume 12A Digest of Items Sought
Chapter 6 Digest of Items Sought

Volume 13 Medical Discovery; Request for Admissions
Chapter 7 Physical and Mental Examinations of Persons
Chapter 8 Request for Admissions
Appendix G Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 35 and 36
Appendix H Comparison of State Rules With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 35 and 36
Appendix I State Rules at Variance With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 35 and 36

Volume 14 Request for Admissions (Cont’d); Sanctions; Deposition Subpoenas; Appellate Review
Chapter 8 Request for Admissions (Cont’d)
Chapter 9 Failure to Make Disclosure or Cooperate in Discovery; Sanctions
Chapter 10 Subpoenas for Taking Depositions
Appendix J Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 37 and 45
Appendix K Comparison of State Rules With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 37 and 45
Appendix L State Rules at Variance With Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 37 and 45
Chapter 11 Appellate Review of Discovery Orders

Volume 15 Criminal Discovery
Chapter 12 Criminal Discovery
Appendix M United States Code Sections and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Appendix N Comparison of State Rules With Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Governing Discovery
Appendix O State Rules Governing Criminal Discovery at Variance With the Federal Rules

Volume 16 Discovery in Complex Litigation; Freedom of Information Act
Chapter 13 Discovery in Complex Litigation
Chapter 14 Freedom of Information Law and Discovery
Appendix P United States Code Provisions Pertaining to Public Access to Government Information
Appendix Q Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Agency Contacts Pertaining to Public Access to Government Information
Appendix R Executive Order 12958 (of April 17, 1995) Classified National Security Information
Appendix S A Citizen’s Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records
Appendix T 1986 Law Enforcement Amendments to the FOIA—Attorney General’s Memorandum
Appendix U Executive Order No. 12,600 Predisclosure Notification Procedures Pertaining to Confidential Commercial Information
Appendix V Fees and Fee Waivers

Volume 17 Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
Chapter 15 Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
Appendix 15 Forms, Orders, Local Rules, and Sources Pertaining to Electronic Discovery