Federal Evidence Practice Guide

Some of the country's leading trial lawyers provide thoughtful, practical guidance ...

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Some of the country’s leading trial lawyers provide thoughtful, practical guidance on crucial evidentiary matters from pre-trial gathering of the evidence through summation. With explanatory material and clear examples of testimony, each chapter offers specific guidelines for effective use and management of evidence.

Included are the authors’ recommendations and commentary regarding successful techniques for offering or opposing evidence.

Areas of evidence practice covered include:

  •   Gathering the evidence and pre-trial procedures
  •   Demonstrative and documentary evidence
  •   Opening statements and closing arguments
  •   Expert witnesses
  •   Direct and cross-examination of witnesses
  •   Circumstantial evidence
  •   Competency and privileges
  •   Making a record through effective objections

Also available on Authority Federal Practice Library CD-ROM.

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Table of contents

Volume 1
Part 1: Pretrial Considerations
Chapter 1 Preliminary Considerations
Chapter 2 Gathering the Evidence
Chapter 3 Pretrial Evidentiary Procedures
Chapter 4 Judicial Notice
Part 2: Types of Evidence

Chapter 5 Demonstrative Evidence
Chapter 6 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 7 Reserved

Volume 2
Part 3: Evidence at Trial
Chapter 8 Opening Statements
Chapter 9 Reserved
Chapter 10 Witnesses in General
Chapter 11 Expert Witnesses
Chapter 12 Examination of Witnesses

Volume 3
Part 3: Evidence at Trial (CONT.)
Chapter 13 Powers of the Trial Judge Regarding Conduct of the Trial
Chapter 14 Reserved
Chapter 15 Circumstantial Evidence
Chapter 16 Objections: Making the Record
Chapter 17 The Use of Evidence in Summations