CSC Indiana Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated

The corporate law resource attorneys practicing in Indiana​ need to do business right.
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CSC is pleased to bring you the latest edition of Indiana Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated. This deskbook is the comprehensive yet portable collection of up-to-date Indiana corporate law statutes and forms you need to conduct research more effectively, complete transactions more efficiently, and advise your clients with confidence.


  • The full text of Title 23 – Business and Other Associations from Burns’ Indiana Statutes Annotated, as well as related sections covering taxation, trademarks, service of process, investment securities, and secured transaction
  • All statutes current through the 2023 legislative sessionmore than 100 sections added or amended since the previous edition, including new provisions regarding assignees of LLCs and a new chapter in the UCC concerning controllable electronic records (e.g. blockchain and NFTs)—and fully annotated with the latest case notes from courts interpreting the law
  • An easy-to-reference Fee Schedule showing required filing fees for the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division
  • Access over 50 fillable forms for incorporation/formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all business entity types via our Lexis Bookstore online download center

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The 2023 Edition ISBN was 9781663324672.

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Pub Number: 22497


Table of contents

About the Senior Legal Advisor to CSC Publishing
Table of Sections Affected by 2023 Legislation
Summary of Selected 2023 Indiana Business Law Legislative Changes
Indiana Fee Schedule

Title 23.  Business and Other Associations
       Article 0.5.  Uniform Business Organizations Code
       Article 0.6.  Uniform Business Organization Transactions Act
       Article 1.  Business Corporations — Types
       Article 1.3.  Benefit Corporations
       Article 1.5.  Professional Corporations
       Article 2.  Business Corporations — Securities
       Article 4.  Partnership
       Article 5.  Other Business Associations
       Article 15.  Miscellaneous Provisions
       Article 16.  Limited Partnerships
       Article 17.  Nonprofit Corporations
       Article 18.  Limited Liability Companies
       Article 18.1.  Series Limited Liability Companies
       Article 19.  Indiana Uniform Securities Act

Constitution of State of Indiana
       Article 11.  Corporations

Title 6.  Taxation
       Article 3.  Adjusted Gross Income Tax

Title 24.  Trade Regulations; Consumer Sales and Credit
       Article 2.  Trademarks
              Chapter 1 Trademark Act

Title 26.  Commercial Law
       Article 1.  Uniform Commercial Code
              Chapter 1  General Provisions
              Chapter 8.1  Investment Securities
              Chapter 9.1  Secured Transactions
              Chapter 12  Controllable Electronic Records
              Chapter 12.5  Transitional Provisions for Uniform Commercial Code

Title 32.  Property
       Article 34.  Lost or Unclaimed Personal Property

Title 34.  Civil Law and Procedure
       Article 17.  Causes of Action: Informations
       Article 30.  Immunity from Civil Liability
       Article 33.  Commencement of Action: Service of Process
       Article 57.  Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Appendix:  List of Indiana Business Entity Forms

Indiana Business Entity Forms (Available on LexisNexis Store Download Center)