NOSSCR's Social Security Practice Guide

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives. A complete, practical guide on all substantive and procedural aspects of Social Security disability law.
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Everything You Need to Stay Abreast of the Latest Changes in the Field of Social Security Practice.

Your One Source On Social Security Practice.

This unique, all-in-one source offers pertinent medical analysis along with analysis of statutes, regulations and case law, combined with practical advice, step-by-step guidance and numerous practice aids. . . in short, everything you need to effectively handle the constantly growing and ever-changing field of Social Security practice whether you are new to Social Security representation or a seasoned practitioner. This is the only source in the area that devotes two full volumes to detailed discussion of medical proof.

A Procedural Guide For Successfully Handling Social Security Cases.

The Social Security Practice Guide does more than offer a thorough understanding of Social Security administration and case law. It's also a handy practical guide, encompassing all substantive and procedural aspects involved in representing a Social Security client in court.

You'll find: tips on dealing with the Social Security adjudicatory process; complete sets of forms; a unique listing of common reversible errors found in decisions of administrative law; sample letters, interrogatories to doctors, pleadings on every phase of disability and checklists; and a guide to recovering attorney's fees, with analysis of Social Security fee provisions to help maximize and expedite the fee award.

You'll find it easy to develop the vocational aspects of a disability claim with the Social Security Practice Guide's up-to-the minute coverage of statutes, laws and regulations pertaining to the standards used in evaluating and winning the medical and vocational points in a claim-not to mention expert analysis of occupations and their physical demands.

Written exclusively by experts from the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives. Visit the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives website for further information and materials.

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Table of contents

Part 1 Coverage

Ch. 1 Introduction

Ch. 2 Covered Employment/Wages

Part 2 Retirement and Survivor’s Benefits

Ch. 3 Family Relationships

Ch. 4 Retirement Benefits

Ch. 5 Lump Sum Death Benefits

Ch. 6 Survivors’ Benefits

Part 3 Disability

Ch. 7 Disability Benefits in General

Ch. 8 Social Security and Medicare Offset of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Ch. 9 Definition of Disability

Ch. 10 Mechanics of Disability Determination

Ch. 11 The Grid Regulations and Vocational Evaluation

Ch. 12 [Reserved]

Ch. 13 [Reserved]

Ch. 14 Evidence

Ch. 15 The Disability Adjudication Process

Ch. 16 [Reserved]

Ch. 17 Judicial Review

Ch. 18 Timely Filing, Extensions of Time, Reopening, and Res Judicata

Ch. 19 Cessations

Ch. 20 Overpayments

Ch. 21 Correction of Earnings Records

Ch. 22 Representative Payees

Ch. 23 Work Incentive Programs for Title II and SSI Beneficiaries

Ch. 24 Representation

Part 4 Supplemental Security Income

Ch. 25 Supplemental Security Income

Part 5 Medicare

Ch. 26 Medicare

Part 6 Fees

Ch. 27 Attorneys’ Fees

Part 7 Selected Regulations

Rules for Determining Disability and Blindness

Listing of Impairments

Medical Vocational Guidelines ("Grid" )

Part 8 Medical Aspects of Disability

Ch. 28 Introduction to Medical Aspects of Disability

Ch. 29 Musculoskeletal System

Ch. 30 Special Senses and Speech

Ch. 31 Respiratory System

Ch. 32 Cardiovascular System

Ch. 33 Digestive System

Ch. 34 Genitourinary System

Ch. 35 Hemic and Lymphatic System

Ch. 36 Impairments of the Skin

Ch. 37 Endocrine System

Ch. 38 [Reserved]

Ch. 39 Neurological Disorders

Ch. 40 Mental Disorders

Ch. 41 Cancer

Ch. 42 Immune System