Alabama Workers' Compensation Law and Handbook

A leading resource for Alabama workers compensation that provides quick answers on this complex area of law.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780327164166
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781422486252
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781422486252
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This newest edition of Alabama Workers' Compensation Law and Handbook has been reorganized and reformatted to make the publication easier to use in both print and electronic formats and a discussion of recent changes in the law. Highlights of the Second Edition are:

 •  Prisoners' Work Release
 •  Psychological Injuries
 •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Burden of Proof
 •  Temporary Total Disability Maximum Medical Improvement
 •  Permanent Total Disability Social Security as Evidence
 •  Schedule of Injuries
 •  Right to Reopen
 •  Acts of God
 •  Fraudulent Suppression
 •  Retaliatory Discharge
 •  Workers' Compensation Benefits Child Support
 •  Medicare Set Aside Trusts
 •  Forms
 •  Tables and Memorandums
 •  Table of Cases
 •  Table of Statutes

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Table of contents



Chapter 1 The Historical Development Of Workers Compensation Law In General

Chapter 2 Legislative History of the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act

Chapter 3 Covered and Non-Covered Employment

Chapter 4 Employer/Employee Relationship

Chapter 5 Accidents and Injuries Subject to the Act

Chapter 6 Arising out of and in the Course of Employment

Chapter 7 Causation: Article 3

Chapter 8 Notice Requirements

Chapter 9 Occupational Diseases: Article 4

Chapter 10 Medical Benefits

Chapter 11 Compensation Benefits

Chapter 12 Vocational Benefits

Chapter 13 Defending the Workers' Compensation Claim

Chapter 14 Unusual Circumstances

Chapter 15 Attorney Fees and Costs

Chapter 16 Jurisdictional Conflict Considerations

Chapter 17 Torts And Workers' Compensation

Chapter 18 Administration of Workers' Compensation

Chapter 19 Other State and Federal Legislation Relevant to Workers Compensation



A. Representing the Employee

Chapter 20 The Initial Interview and Immediate Follow-Up

Chapter 21 Handling the Claim Without Suit Being Filed

Chapter 22 Bringing a Claim to Conclusion Without Suit Being Filed

Chapter 23 Filing Suit and Pre-Trial Preparation

Chapter 24 Trial of a Workers' Compensation Case

B. Representing the Employer

Chapter 25 General Advice, Initial Evaluation, And Review Without Suit Being Filed

Chapter 26 Handling the Claim without Suit Being Filed

Chapter 27 Bringing a Claim to Conclusion without Suit Being Filed

Chapter 28 If Suit Has Been Filed; Pre-Trial Preparation

Chapter 29 Trial of a Workers' Compensation Case

C. Topics Applicable to both Injured Workers and Employers

Chapter 30 Concluding the Workers' Compensation Case

Chapter 31 Appellate Process

Chapter 32 Collecting and Satisfying the Judgment

Chapter 33 Issues Warranting Special Consideration



A. Employee Forms

B. Employer Forms

C. Discovery Forms

D. Medical Forms

E. Mediation/Settlement Forms

F. Trial Related Forms

G. Appeal Forms

Part IV

Tables And Memorandums

A. Tables

B. Memorandums