Washington Real Property Deskbook Series Volume 6: Land Use Development

A practical, project-oriented look at how the land use rules are applied in given circumstances, with a focus on project-specific concerns and how to advise clients in a constantly changing climate.

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4th Edition (2012) with 2016 Supplement Includes Downloadable Content: Zip
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Volume 6 takes a practical, project-oriented look at how the land use rules are applied in given circumstances and focuses on project-specific concerns. The lines between policy and implementation may be blurred in many instances, for little in the land use law is "clear" or cleanly defined. The fact that the legislature and regulatory agencies often change the statutes and rules as quickly as the courts consider and decide new issues makes practice in this field both entertaining and professionally challenging. Volume 6 focuses on providing guidance for practitioners with clients attempting to move forward with specific projects in this rapidly changing climate.

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Table of contents

 Index to Forms, Checklists, and Appendices
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the 2016 Supplement
Important Note About Local Hearings Board Decisions Cited in This Volume
About the Editors

Chapter 1.   State Environmental Policy Act—Project Level Review   (Heather L.
Chapter 2.   Subdivision of Land   (Robert Johns, Duana Koloušková)
Chapter 3.   Dedication and Vacation   (Judith A. Shulman†, John T. Cooke)
Chapter 4.   PUDs, Binding Site Plans, and Other Innovative Land Use Controls   (George
  A. Kresovich, Stephen H. Roos*)
Chapter 5.   Commercial Development   (Craig H. Shrontz†, Kristine R. Wilson†)
Chapter 6.   Washington Land Development Act   (Kristine R. Wilson*, Katherine C.
Chapter 7.   Development Exactions and Impact Fees   (Charles E. Maduell†, Clayton P.
Chapter 8.   Development Agreements   (Richard R. Wilson, Ann M. Gygi*)
Chapter 9.   Development Rights   (Joseph A. Stockton*, Keith W. Dearborn*)
Chapter 10.   Shoreline Substantial Development   (James A. Tupper, Jr.†)
Chapter 11.   Water Rights   (Charles B. Roe, Jr.†, Jamie M. Morin†)
Chapter 12.   State-Owned Public Lands   (Bryce E. Brown, Jr.†, Jennifer E. Morey*,
  Patricia K. Nightingale†, Joe V. Panesko†, Terence A. Pruit†, Steven W. Reneaud*,
  Michael J. Rollinger, Ann E. Salay†, James R. Schwartz, Adrienne E. Smith, Janis Snoey†,
  Christa L. Thompson†, Martha F. Wehling)
Chapter 13.   Mining Law—Surface Mining Regulations, Federal Mining Regulations  
  (Dennis D. Reynolds†, Philip T. Kasin, Traci Granbois*)
Chapter 14.   Forest Practices   (Edward D. Callow, Philip M. Ferester†, Paul F. James*,
  Cheryl A. Nielson†, Steven W. Reneaud†)
Chapter 15.   Land Use Appeals and Judicial Review—Administrative Procedure Act and
  Other Remedies   (Lawrence J. Warren†, George A. Kresovich, Andrew F. Rigel*,
  Garmon Newsom II*)
Chapter 16.   Land Use Appeals and Judicial Review—Land Use Petition Act and Other
  Remedies   (Jeffrey M. Eustis†)
Chapter 17.   Land Use Damages Actions— Project Delay, Conditions, Denial   (W. Dale
  Kamerrer†, James C. Carmody†)
Chapter 18. Mediation and Voluntary Resolution of Environmental, Natural Resource,
  and Land Use Conflicts   (James C. Waldo, Lara B. Fowler, C. William West, Courtney
  A. Kaylor*)
Chapter 19. Nuisance and Trespass in Land Use Cases.   (Michael A. Nesteroff†, Robert
  R. Davis, Jr., Andrew F. Rigel)

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of References
Subject Index

* of 2016 Supplement / † of 2012 Deskbook and 2016 Supplement