Washington Community Property Deskbook

A one-volume indispensable reference on community property law in Washington covers all substantive developments in Washington community property law including registered domestic partnerships, same-sex marriage, and the law of committed intimate relationships through the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2013 decision on Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

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Loose-Leaf:1 Volume, 720 pages
4th Edition (2014)
ISBN: 9780881293463
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Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the law of community property in Washington, including (1) registered domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage and (2) the law of committed intimate relationships, which continues to evolve.

Regarding same-sex marriage, this edition includes analysis of the Supreme Court's decision declaring Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, and its impact on a variety of federal statutes that might otherwise have blocked recognition of community property rights now conferred on same-sex spouses by Washington law. This edition has also amplified the chapter on conflict of laws to address the intersection of community property law with Indian law.

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Table of contents

 Preface to the Fourth Edition

Chapter 1  Introduction (Tom Andrews)

Chapter 2  The Necessary Relationship (Karen Boxx)

Chapter 3  Character of Ownership of Property (Tom Andrews)

Chapter 4  Management and Voluntary Disposition (Karen Boxx)

Chapter 5  Transactions and Agreements Between Married Persons, Registered
  Domestic Partners, and Committed Intimate Partners (Karen Boxx)

Chapter 6  Involuntary Disposition: Creditors' Rights (Tom Andrews)

Chapter 7  Taxation (Ann Murphy)

Chapter 8  The Transitory Community and Conflict of Laws (Tom Andrews)

Table of Statutes
Selected Statutes
Table of Cases