New Hampshire Practice Series: Real Estate (Volume 17)

New Hampshire Practice Series: Real Estate is a concise one-volume ...
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ISBN: 9780327162667
Publisher: LexisNexis
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New Hampshire Practice Series: Real Estate is a concise one-volume treatise that discusses the legal issues that arise in real estate ownership and conveyance, with a focus on the purchase and sale of real property. Its numerous citations to statutory law and case law, as well as knowledgeable commentary written from a practitioner's point of view make this treatise an invaluable resource and a great addition to the Practice Series.

It begins with a discussion of the history of real estate ownership in the state of New Hampshire. Coverage includes brokerage issues; conveyances; mortgage and foreclosures; deeds; title recording and title insurance issues; servitudes, easements, and adverse possession; commercial and residential leases; and quieting title. This new addition to the New Hampshire Practice Series will be a valuable asset to any real estate professional.

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Table of Contents

Ch 1 - The New Hampshire Legacy of Real Estate Ownership

Ch 2 - Brokerage

Ch 3 - Conveyances

Ch 4 - Mortgages and Foreclosures

Ch 5 - Deeds

Ch 6 - Recording

Ch 7 - Title Insurance

Ch 8 - Easements, Servitudes, and Adverse Possession

Ch 9 - Leases

Ch 10 - Quieting Title