Qualifying & Attacking Expert Witnesses

Learn how to disqualify, cross-examine, and impeach your opponent's expert while effectively presenting your own expert, this title also includes pattern questions by expert type.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Make the most of your expert’s testimony and expose the flaws in the opposing expert’s testimony with Qualifying and Attacking Expert Witnesses.  This edition brings you:  analysis of case law in the wake of the Daubert Trilogy; discussion of admissibility of scientific evidence in the Roundup®- cancer cases; and insight concerning the utility of frequentist and Bayesian statistical methodologies.

 Post-Daubert Trilogy Developments

  • Does the Trilogy Liberalize or Restrict Expert Testimony?
  • Focus Is on Principles and Methodology, Not Conclusions
  • Expert’s Lack of Particularized Expertise or Specific Experience
  • Expert’s Reliance on Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Whether the Expert’s Testimony Comes from Research Independent of Litigation
  • Expert’s Failure to Adhere to Customary Methods
  • Where Expert Testimony Based on Experience or Training
  • Summary of Key Points Regarding the Daubert Trilogy and Rule 702
  • Exemplary Cases and Appellate Decisions

 The Roundup® Cancer Lawsuits: a Case Study in Daubert and Daubert-Like Analyses

  • The Inconsistent Science
  • Roundup® Litigation in California
    • California State Courts Apply the Sargon Analysis
    • The Sargon Hearing
  • Roundup® Litigation in Federal Courts
    • Federal Courts Apply the Daubert Standard
    • Problems with Plaintiffs’ Expert Evidence
    • Court’s Consideration and Analysis of the Evidence
    • Bifurcation of Evidence of Corporate Misconduct
  • Summary of Key Points regarding the Roundup® Litigation
  • Tips for Mounting a Daubert Challenge and Surviving a Daubert Challenge

 Statistical Experts: the Frequentist and Bayesian Varieties

  • Frequentist (Classical) Statistics
  • PValues, Statistical Significance, and Sample Size
  • Applications of Frequentist Statistics
  • Bayesian Statistics and Legal Applications
  • Summary of Key Points regarding Statistical Evidence

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