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Litigators provide revealing opinions of over 300 New York Supreme Court Justices in the areas of personality, intelligence, continuances, handling trials, settlements, proclivities, etc.

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ISBN: 9781580122047
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ISBN: 9781580122047
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Know Your Judge

New York Judge Reviews contains attorneys' candid comments about the rules, preferences and idiosyncrasies of more than 300 sitting State Supreme Court Justices compiled from interviews with hundreds of litigators.

Learn from other attorneys' experiences before your next appearance. Read their revealing quotes, which include:

•   "He's not a settler. His recommendations always lowball plaintiffs."
•   "He doesn't talk case law. He's more fact-oriented."
•   "Attorneys can evoke even more displeasure should they offer what he considers to be pedestrian or hackneyed legal argument."
•   "He expects an incredible amount of decorum in his courtroom during trial."

An average of eight interviewees per State Supreme Court Judge were asked hard questions about judicial personality, intelligence, trial management, settlement skills, knowledge of the law, flexibility, bias, and more. The easy to read--and often entertaining--reviews of judges make this book a one-of-a-kind resource.

Two sample reviews from the book (Judge names omitted):

Temperament: "Cantankerous. Authoritarian. Overreacts."

On the bench: "Bright, but he wastes his talent. Light on evidence."

On trial: "Stickler for rules. Sua sponte objections."

Adjournments: "Erratic."

Proclivities: "He's very evenhanded."

Temperament: "He treats attorneys with the utmost respect. Patient. Good sense of humor."

On the bench: "He doesn't start anything until 11:00. You can be there all day on a motion. He may change his mind on oral argument. He's not afraid of being reversed."

On trial: "Speedy. He gave a time limit on summation. His rulings are all over."

Settlements: "This judge evaluates cases a little bit closer than others."

Adjournments: "One or two, then move it."

Proclivities: "He's more pro-plaintiff on the numbers, but even on the liability."

Suggestions: "Be prepared to settle."

The book also includes biographical profiles on more than 350 judges set out in a clear, easy-to-read format with the latest information about each judge:

•   Personal history, including birth date, education, interests and activities
•   Memberships in organizations and awards
•   Political affiliation
•   Recent publications
•   Teaching and speaking engagements
•   Recent cases
•   Judge's own rules
•   Address and phone number, along with names of clerks and secretaries

Recent and comprehensive information on county and state courts in New York, including the names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers of county officers and personnel related to court functions, court officers and personnel, and an up-to-date roster of the judges with their phone numbers.

The Judge reviews, Judge biographical information, and comprehensive court contact information make New York Judge Reviews an indispensable part of trial preparation that will help you:

•   Formulate case strategies
•   Unearth potential bias
•   Assess the court's flexibility
•   Determine case-specific knowledge
•   Uncover oral argument secrets
•   Make the difficult decision to disqualify an assigned judge

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