Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice

This book explores in detail those legal issues that arise in counseling, planning, and litigating under the antitrust laws.
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4th Edition
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This book explores in detail those legal issues that arise in counseling, planning, and litigating under the antitrust laws. It is designed to integrate theory and policy issues with doctrine and practice so that students will emerge with a fundamental grasp of antitrust doctrine, at least an introduction to the vagaries of antitrust practice, and a sensitivity to policy issues undergirding the application and enforcement of the antitrust laws. The Fourth Edition of Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice provides close coverage of the application of antitrust doctrine to cutting-edge technologies, the Internet, and to rapidly shifting markets.

Antitrust Law: Policy and Practice is unique in a number of ways:

• The materials are designed to keep the business context of the problems in the forefront in order to give theory and doctrine a more solid footing in practical affairs.
• The lawyer’s role as counselor and planner is emphasized throughout.
• The business context emphasis is paralleled by another practical emphasis on enforcement and procedure.
• Several notes, questions, and problems touch on important ethical issues.
• The authors include a wide variety of problems, designed to satisfy a wide range of teaching objectives and styles, and a wide range of student interests. Some are short and intended to be addressed in passing or by brief explanation. Some are longer, intended to occupy a full class hour or more. Some are in serial form, with the reader getting additional data as more doctrine is assimilated. And some are review problems that students may find useful to discuss among themselves.
• The companion Teacher’s Manual is extensive (over 300 pages) and increases the value of this book as a strong teaching tool and learning tool.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Monopoly

Chapter 3. Horizontal Restraints of Trade

Chapter 4. Mergers With Horizontal Effects

Chapter 5. Vertical Restraints

Chapter 6. Private Enforcement of the Antitrust Laws

Chapter 7. Antitrust Exemptions and Immunities

Chapter 8. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and Enforcement

Chapter 9. Antitrust Analysis in the Presence of Conflicting
Social Policy: Some Aspects of the Patent-Antitrust

Chapter 10. Price Discrimination Under the Robinson-Patman