Global Climate Change and U.S. Law

It is difficult to characterize U.S. climate law succinctly. This volume makes clear its scope and complexity.

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781639052196
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781639052196
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The legal landscape around climate change is complex, unstable, and expanding. Scientists continue to publish new findings, policy makers regularly adopt new regulations, and petitioners file new litigation, nationwide and around the world. Hence the need for this third edition. Most of it is completely new, and the few chapters carried over from the second edition have been thoroughly updated.

Table of Contents:

    Part I: Overview and Context

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. The Multilateral Climate Regime
  3. Part II: U.S. Federal Regulation and Litigation

  4. Evolution of U.S. Climate Law and Policy
  5. Regulation of Greenhouse Gases under the Clean Air Act
  6. Non-CO2 Pollutants
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment
  8. Climate Justice
  9. Endangered Species Act
  10. Climate-Related Financial Risk Management and Disclosure
  11. Civil Remedies
  12. Part III: Regional, State, and Local Actions

  13. State and Multistate Climate Action
  14. Local Initiatives
  15. Part IV: Energy Regulation

  16. Electricity Regulation, Markets, and Governance
  17. Land Use and Transportation Policies Addressing Climate Change
  18. Part V: The Next Legal Frontiers

  19. Carbon Capture and Sequestration and Carbon Dioxide Removal
  20. Agriculture
  21. Climate Change and Public Natural Resources
  22. Climate Adaptation Law
  23. U.S. Climate Change Law and Policy: Taking Stock

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