Minnesota Family Law Practice Manual

Essential and time-tested Minnesota family law practice guide.
Publisher: Michie

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Smart Minnesota practitioners have long relied on Minnesota Family Law Practice Manual for procedural and substantive guidance on the full range of issues that arise in family law practice. Isn't it time you did, too? The Third Edition of this essential two-volume set contains all the statutes, rules, and forms you need to handle divorce and other family law matters in Minnesota courts.

Volume One provides comprehensive coverage of such topics as: marriage, including same-sex marriage, voidable marriages, and recognition of marriages from other states; proceedings, including dissolution of marriage, legal separation, annulment, cohabitation agreements, putative spouse, and common-law marriage; child custody; child support; visitation; spousal maintenance; attorneys' fees; property division; discovery and valuation; hearings and appeals; final decree; tax issues; enforcement; Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; domestic abuse; child abuse; and adoption.

Volume Two contains an extensive collection of battle-tested forms, as well as the full text of the myriad statutes and rules governing Minnesota family law

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Table of contents

Partial Summary

Initiating the Proceeding
Temporary Proceedings; Motion Practice
Child Custody
Child Support
Spousal Maintenance
Attorney's Fees
Property Division
Discovery and Valuation
Hearings and Appeals
Final Decree
Tax Issues
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Child Abuse

Appendix A: Forms
Appendix B: Minnesota Rules of Family Court Procedure
Appendix BB: Minnesota Rules - Office of Administrative Hearings - Contested Case Hearings
Appendix BBB: Rules of Guardian Ad Litem Procedure
Appendix C: Minnesota Statues Chapter 518: Marriage Dissolution
Appendix D: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 518A: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Appendix E: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 518B: Domestic Abuse Act
Appendix F: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 518C: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Appendix G: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 519: Married Persons; Rights, Privileges
Appendix H: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 256: Human Services (Selected Provision)
Appendix I: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 257: Custody; Legitimacy (Selected Provisions)
Appendix J: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 259: Adoption (Selected Provisions)
Appendix K: Minnesota Statutes Chapter 609 (Selected Provision)