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Print Book:2 volumes, looseleaf, updated semiannually
5th Edition
ISBN: 9780820516073
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781579117962
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781579117962
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A comprehensive analysis of paternity-related litigation issues emphasizing topics that transcend state lines, offering tightly focused coverage of contemporary issues in a highly accessible format to help:

•   Warn of procedural traps and substantive pitfalls
•  Identify key factors in the court's decision-making
•  Get results by applying recent legislation
•  Take the mystery out of the study of cells and genetics
•  Question outdated traditions
•  Structure winning arguments to the court
•  Locate data to support client positions and contentions
•  Pursue federal social security, admiralty and military benefits
•  Assess proposed solutions
•  Handle DNA testing and presenting results in the courtroom
•  Collect child support in cases of disputed paternity
•  Ensure safe use of new reproductive technologies
•  Protect the rights of people participating in the reproductive process

2 Volumes.

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Table of contents

Paternity Proceedings
Evidentiary and Related Issues in Paternity Proceedings
Conducting the Paternity Trial
Rights Enforceable in Paternity Actions
Child Support Enforcement in Cases of Disputed Paternity
Establishing Paternity Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Scientific Aspects of Blood Typing: Antigens, Enzymes, and Plasma Proteins
Scientific Aspects of HLA Testing
Scientific Aspects of DNA Testing
Admissibility of DNA Testing in Individual States
Analysis of Genetic Test Results for Courtroom Use
Determining Paternity After Death: Genetic Testing When a Parent is not Available
UIFSA Forms and Procedures (DHHS)
Enforcing Child Support Orders in Other Countries
The Rights of Putative Fathers
Challenging the Obligation to Pay Child-Rearing Costs
Alternative Reproduction
Interstate Adjudication of Paternity: Initiating and Defending the Action
Child Custody and Visitation Issues in Cases Involving Disputed Paternity
Interstate Adjudication of Paternity; Procedures; Blood Testing; Other Considerations

First published in 1944.