Georgia DUI Law: A Resource For Lawyers and Judges

Includes winning strategies, relevant cases, court rules, practice tips, sample arguments, and more.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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Experts agree. Georgia's DUI laws are exceptionally hard on drinking drivers. Under the "less safe driver" provisions, motorists can be convicted of DUI even when blood alcohol levels are below 0.05 grams. And when alcohol levels exceed 0.08 grams, Georgia judges have no choice but to sentence drivers to jail.

This one-volume, case-bound reference does much more than compile short summations of relevant cases. By providing in-depth analysis of a series of representative cases, Georgia DUI Law highlights the seemingly minor factual variations that can affect the court's reasoning and ultimate holding.

Georgia DUI Law will help you rebut all statutory inferences, attack the accuracy and efficiency of the Intoxilyzer 5000, the machine normally used to determine a "per se" (0.08) violation, and identify lapses and inconsistencies on the part of the state. It supplies the guidance you need to structure a more successful legal argument, conduct more effective investigation and discovery, and deliver more compelling opening and closing arguments. Georgia DUI Law includes numerous references to the Official Code of Georgia.

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Nature of the Offense
  • Chapter 2 Punishment and License Suspension
  • Chapter 3 Associated Traffic Offenses
  • Chapter 4 Related Offenses Involving Death & Serious Injury
  • Chapter 5 Habitual Violators
  • Chapter 6 Stop, Investigation & Arrest
  • Chapter 7 Admissions and Confessions
  • Chapter 8 Field Sobriety Tests
  • Chapter 9 Implied Consent
  • Chapter 10 Chemical Tests
  • Chapter 11 Defense Investigation & Discovery
  • Chapter 12 Jurisdiction, Venue & Charging Documents
  • Chapter 13 Entry and Withdrawal of Pleas
  • Chapter 14 Motions, Demands & Demurrers
  • Chapter 15 Trial Summary
  • Chapter 16 Voir Dire and Opening Statement
  • Chapter 17 The Stop and Initial Observations
  • Chapter 18 Expert Witnesses
  • Chapter 19 Lay Witnesses
  • Chapter 20 Closing Argument and Jury Instructions
  • Chapter 21 Appeals, Writs and Post-Trial Motions
  • Chapter 22 ALS Hearings
  • Chapter 23 Boating Under the Influence
  • APPENDIX 1 Traffic Court Reference Manual
  • APPENDIX 2 DUI Arrest By County
  • APPENDIX 3 Georgia DMVS Ignition Interlock Providers
  • APPENDIX 4 Expert Witnesses
  • APPENDIX 5 District Attorney Directory
  • APPENDIX 6 Solicitor Directory