Texas Criminal Practice Guide

Designed for Efficient Research and the smartly organized Texas Criminal Practice Guide is the reference attorneys turn to for analysis of criminal law in Texas.

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Designed for Efficient Research

The smartly organized Texas Criminal Practice Guide is the reference attorneys turn to for analysis of criminal law in Texas. First published in 1979, the guide's six volumes are arranged by section to correspond with the progression of the Texas criminal justice system, making their detailed information easy to access, whether you're a new attorney or an experienced practitioner. Each volume contains a number of chapters divided into four parts:

•  Legal Background - procedural and substantive law treating the constitutional, statutory, and case law considerations in each area.
•  Practice Guide - checklists and procedural steps outlined in chronological order.
•  Forms - for applying the law and procedure.
•  Research Guide - to direct you toward other sources of useful information.

Analysis, forms, and practice guidance are all in the same set, so you won't waste time looking through multiple publications to find the information you need. There's simply no more effective way to research Texas criminal law.

Updates When You Need Them

Texas Criminal Practice Guide is updated three times annually with page revisions containing new case law and chapters. Since all updates are incorporated into the set, you don't have to keep track of any pocket parts. Texas Criminal Practice Guide also provides a legislative update every other year. The guide is available in print, CD-ROM, or online; pick the media that best suit your practice.

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Table of contents

Part I Client Representation

Ch. 1 Attorney-Client Relationship

Ch. 2 Jurisdiction of State Courts

Ch. 3 Proceedings in Inferior Courts

Ch. 4-9 [Reserved]

Part II Arrest and Release

Ch. 10 Arrest

Ch. 11 Expunction of Arrest Records

Ch. 12 Bail

Ch. 13 Extradition

Chs. 14-19 [Reserved]

Part III Confession and Lineup

Ch. 20 Confessions and Statements

Ch. 21 Lineup and Identification

Chs. 22-29 [Reserved]

Part IV Search and Seizure

Ch. 30 Basis of Search and Seizure Law

Ch. 31 Search Pursuant to Warrant

Ch. 32 Warrantless Search

Chs. 33-39 [Reserved]

Part V Indictment

Ch. 40 Examining Trial and Grand Jury

Ch. 41 Indictment and Information

Ch. 42 Multiple Prosecutions

Chs. 43-49 [Reserved]

Part VI Pretrial Proceedings

Ch. 50 Speedy Trial and Continuance

Ch. 51 Double Jeopardy

Ch. 52 Venue

Ch. 53 Incompetence and Insanity

Chs. 54-59 [Reserved]

Part VII Trial Preparation

Ch. 60 Investigation of Case

Ch. 61 Use of Scientific and Expert Evidence

Ch. 62 Discovery

Ch. 63 Preparing for Trial

Ch. 64 DNA Evidence

Chs. 65-69 [Reserved]

Part VIII Trial

Ch. 70 Plea Negotiations

Ch. 71 Rights Incident to Trial

Ch. 72 Formation of Jury

Ch. 73 Trial Motions

Ch. 73A Preliminary Proceedings and Opening Statement

Ch. 73B Witnesses

Ch. 73C Evidence

Ch. 73D Jury Charge, Argument, and Verdict

Ch. 74 Punishment Hearing

Ch. 75 Trial of Death Penalty

Chs. 76-79 [Reserved]

Part IX Post Trial Proceedings

Ch. 80 New Trial and Arrest of Judgment

Ch. 81 Judgment and Sentence

Ch. 82 Community Supervision

Chs. 83-89 [Reserved]

Part X Post Conviction Remedies

Ch. 90 Appeal

Ch. 90A Discretionary Review

Ch. 90B Extraordinary Writs

Ch. 91 Post Conviction Habeas Corpus

Ch. 92 Prisoners' Rights

Ch. 93 Federal Habeas Corpus

Chs. 94-99 [Reserved]

Part XI Pardon and Parole

Ch. 100 Pardon

Ch. 101 Parole

Chs. 102-109 [Reserved]

Part XII Juvenile Proceedings

Ch. 110 The Juvenile Court

Ch. 111 Arrest and Preliminary Proceedings

Ch. 112 Adjudication

Ch. 113 Disposition

Ch. 114 Juvenile Appeal

Ch. 115 Post Disposition Proceedings

Chs. 116-119 [Reserved]

Part XIII Substantive Law

Ch. 120 Classification and Punishment of Offenses

Ch. 121 Criminal Responsibility

Ch. 122 General Defenses

Ch. 123 Justifications

Ch. 124 Criminal Homicide

Ch. 125 Assault, Kidnapping, and Sexual Offenses

Ch. 126 Burglary and Property Damage

Ch. 127 Robbery and Theft

Ch. 128 Driving Offenses

Ch. 129 Drug Offenses

Ch. 130 Morals Offenses

Ch. 131 Forgery and Fraud

Ch. 132 Weapons Offenses

Ch. 133 Offenses Against Governmental Institutions

Ch. 134 Gambling Offenses

Ch. 135 Criminal Contempt