Weinstein, Korn and Miller CPLR Manual

Provides complete, succinct analysis of New York's Civil Practice Law and Rules.

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Print Book:2 volumes, looseleaf, updated with supplements and revisions
3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781422483374
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579119966
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579119966
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Covering the major subjects of New York civil procedure under the Civil Practice Law and Rules of New York, this 2-volume set is topically organized to be a valuable, quick reference guide that provides complete, succinct coverage. The Weinstein, Korn and Miller CPLR Manual serves as a time-saving complement to the Weinstein, Korn and Miller treatise, New York Civil Practice: CPLR, through cross-referencing to more detailed analysis, and is revised and updated with the most recent legal developments by General Editor David L. Ferstendig.

Keep the CPLR Manual on your desk or bookshelf for easy access to:
•   Comprehensive but concise coverage of the CPLR, relevant court rules and federal statutes
•   Quick answers to the procedural questions that arise in practice
•   Analysis of critical case law
•   Current case law and statutory developments affecting New York Civil Practice

Whether you're involved in pretrial, trial or post-trial proceedings, the CPLR Manual provides step-by-step discussion of every pertinent New York Civil Practice topic.

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Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Organization of Civil Practice and the Courts
CHAPTER 2 Statutes of Limitation
CHAPTER 3 Jurisdiction, Service and Appearance
CHAPTER 4 Special Proceedings
CHAPTER 6 Joinder of Claims, Consolidation and Severance
CHAPTER 7 Parties
CHAPTER 8 Poor Persons
CHAPTER 9 Infants and Incompetents
CHAPTER 10 Contribution
CHAPTER 11 Comparative Negligence
CHAPTER 12 Actions Against Persons Jointly Liable
CHAPTER 13 Mistakes, Defects, Irregularities and Extensions of Time
CHAPTER 14 Form and Service of Legal Papers; Form of Stipulations
CHAPTER 15 Motions, Orders and Stays
CHAPTER 16 Subpoenas, Oaths and Affirmations
CHAPTER 17 Undertakings
CHAPTER 18 Property Paid Into Court or Transferred During Litigation
CHAPTER 19 Remedies and Pleading
CHAPTER 20 Disclosure
CHAPTER 21 Accelerated Judgment
CHAPTER 22 Calendar Practice and Trial Preference

CHAPTER 23 Trials and Trial Motions
CHAPTER 24 Judgments
CHAPTER 25 Former Adjudication (Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel)
CHAPTER 26 Appeals
CHAPTER 27 Enforcement of Judgments
CHAPTER 28 Provisional Remedies
CHAPTER 29 Habeas Corpus
CHAPTER 30 Recovery of Chattel
CHAPTER 31 Arbitration
CHAPTER 32 Proceeding Against Body or Officer
CHAPTER 33 Fees, Costs, Disbursements and Allowances
CHAPTER 34 Records of Court Clerks and Sealing of Court Records
CHAPTER 35 Actions Against Villages
CHAPTER 36 Civil Forfeiture
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes