NY CLS Desk Edition Civil Practice Annual

Features CPLR, State Administrative Procedure Act, Court of Claims Act, and more in a new softbound volume.

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2024 Edition
ISBN: 9781663371478
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2024 Edition
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NY CLS Desk Edition Civil Practice Annual contains content from New York Civil Practice Annual (Black Book) first published in 1959, within a cover designed specifically for the NY CLS Desk Edition titles.

This title includes:

•  Annual Table of Amendments
•  New York Court System - Chart
•  Civil Practice Law and Rules
•  State Administrative Procedure Act
•  Court of Claims Act
•  New York City Civil Court Act
•  Uniform City, District and Justice Court Acts
•  Uniform Civil Rules for New York State Trial Courts
•  New York's Rules of Professional Conduct
•  Court Directory
•  Index

Also included are selected related practice statutes, relevant court rules, case annotations interpreting statutory provisions, practice insights written by New York practitioners, and selected CPLR-related author-drafted forms corresponding to recently amended sections of the CPLR.

The 2023 edition ISBN is 9781663350435.

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Table of contents

Table of 2023 Amendments

Civil Practice Law and Rules
Art. 1 – Short Title; Applicability and Definitions
Art. 2 – Limitations of Time
Art. 3 – Jurisdiction and Service, Appearance and Choice of Court
Art. 4 – Special Proceedings
Art. 5 – Venue
Art. 6 – Joinder of Claims, Consolidation and Severance
Art. 9 – Class Actions
Art. 10 – Parties Generally
Art. 11 – Poor Persons
Art. 12 – Infants, Incompetents and Conservatees
Art. 13 – Actions by the State
Art. 13-1 – Proceeds of a Crime – Forfeiture
Art. 13-B – Civil Remedies; Enterprise Corruption
Art. 14 – Contribution
Art. 14-A – Damage Actions: Effect of Contributory Negligence and Assumption of Risk
Art. 15 – Actions Against Persons Jointly Liable
Art. 16 – Limited Liability of Persons Jointly Liable
Art. 20 – Mistakes, Defects, Irregularities and Extensions of Time
Art. 21 – Papers
Art. 21 – A Filing of Papers in the Courts by Facsimile Transmission and by Electronic Means
Art. 22 – Stay, Motions, Orders and Mandates
Art. 23 – Subpoenas, Oaths and Affirmations
Art. 24 – Publication
Art. 25 – Undertakings
Art. 26 – Property Paid into Court
Art. 27 – Disposition of Property in Litigation
Art. 30 – Remedies and Pleading
Art. 31 – Disclosure
Art. 32 – Accelerated Judgment
Art. 34 – Calendar Practice; Trial Preferences
Art. 40 – Trial Generally
Art. 41 – Trial by a Jury
Art. 42 – Trial by the Court
Art. 43 – Trial by a Referee
Art. 44 – Trial Motions
Art. 45 – Evidence
Art. 50 – Judgments Generally
Art. 50-A – Periodic Payment of Judgments in Medical and Dental Malpractice Actions
Art. 50-B – Periodic Payment of Judgments in Personal Injury, Injury to Property and Wrongful Death Actions
Art. 51 – Enforcement of Judgments and Orders Generally
Art. 52 – Enforcement of Money Judgments
Art. 53 – Recognition of Foreign Country Money Judgments
Art. 54 – Enforcement of Judgments Entities to Full Faith and Credit
Art. 55 – Appeals Generally
Art. 56 – Appeals to the Court of Appeals
Art. 57 – Appeals to the Appellate Division
Art. 60 – Provisional Remedies Generally
Art. 61 – Arrest [Repealed]
Art. 62 – Attachment
Art. 63 – Injunction
Art. 64 – Receivership
Art. 65 – Notice of Pendency
Art. 70 – Habeas Corpus
Art. 71 – Recovery of Chattel
Art. 72 – Recovery of Penalty or Forfeiture
Art. 75 – Arbitration
Art. 75-A – Health Care Arbitration
Art. 76 – Proceeding to Enforce Agreement for Determination of Issue
Art. 77 – Proceeding Relating to Express Trust
Art. 78 – Proceeding Against Body or Officer
Art. 80 – Fees
Art. 81 – Cost Generally
Art. 82 – Amount of Cost
Art. 83 – Disbursements and Additional Allowances
Art. 84 – Taxation of Costs
Art. 85 – Security for Costs
Art. 86 – Counsel Fees and Expenses in Certain Actions Against the State
Art. 87 – Punitive Damage Awards; Public Share [Repealed]
Art. 90 – Failure or Adjournment of Term of Court
Art. 94 – Admission to Practice
Art. 97 – Records of Clerks of the Courts
Art. 98 – Actions Against Villages
Art. 100 – Repeal; Saving Clauses; Effective Date
Selected CPLR Related Forms

Miscellaneous Practice Statutes Not Part of the CPLR
Selected Provisions of the General Municipal Law
Selected Provisions of the General Obligations Law
Selected Provisions of the Insurance Law
Selected Provisions of the Judiciary Law
Selected Provisions of the Mental Hygiene Law
State Administrative Procedure Act

Miscellaneous Special Court Acts
Court of Claims Act
Uniform District Court Act for the State of New York
New York City Civil Court Act
Uniform City Court Act
Uniform Justice Court Act

Court Rules
Rules of the Chief Judge
Rules of the Chief Administrator of the Courts
Court of Appeals Rules
State Commission on Judicial Conduct Rules
Judicial Nomination Commission
The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
State Board of Law Examiners
Rules Concerning Publication of Opinions in the Miscellaneous Reports
Appellate Division – First Department Rules (Selected Provisions)
Joint Administrative Orders Appellate Division – First and Second Departments
Appellate Division – Second Department Rules (Selected Provisions)
Appellate Division – Third Department Rules (Selected Provisions)
Appellate Division – Fourth Department Rules (Selected Provisions)
Appellate Term – First Department Rules
Appellate Term – Second Department Rules
County Court – Fourth Department Oneida County
Uniform Rules for the New York State Trial Courts (Part 202)
Uniform Rules for the Family Court (Part 205)
Uniform Rules for the Court of Claims (Part 206)
Uniform Rules for the Surrogate’s Court (Part 207)
Uniform Civil Rules for the New York City Civil Court (Part 208)
Uniform Civil Rules for the City Courts Outside of the City of New York (Part 210)
Uniform Civil Rules for the District Courts (Part 212)
Uniform Civil Rules for the Justice Courts (Part 214)
Use of Recycled Paper (Part 215)
Sealing of Court Records in Civil Actions in the Trial Courts (Part 216)
Access to Court Interpreter Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency (Part 217)
Uniform Rules for Jury Selection and Deliberation (Part 220)
Uniform Rules for the Conduct of Depositions (Part 221)
Rules of Professional Conduct (Part 1200)
Cooperative Business Arrangements Between Lawyers and Non-legal Professionals (Part 1205)
Statement of Client’s Rights (Part 1210)
Written Letter of Engagement (Part 1215)
Fee Arbitration (Part 1230)
Electronic Filing Rules of the Appellate Division (Part 1245)
Practice Rules of the Appellate Division (Part 1250)
Dishonored Check Reporting Rules for Attorney Special, Trust and Escrow Accounts (Part 1300)
Procedure for Attorneys in Domestic Relations Matters (Part 1400)
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for Newly Admitted Attorneys in the State of New York (Part 1500)
Court Directory

Civil Practice Annual Index