New York Civil Practice Law and Rules: Forms

New York Civil Practice Law and Rules: Forms provides easy-to-use sample complaints, answers, affidavits, notices of motion, petitions, and orders, saving time and money.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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Print Book:2 volumes, looseleaf, updated annually
ISBN: 9781522130864
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ISBN: 9781522130871
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Product description

New York Civil Practice Law and Rules: Forms is an invaluable desk set for the general practitioner in New York. These forms are keyed to specific sections of the CPLR relevant to pleadings, service, motion practice, disclosure, accelerated judgments, trial motions, enforcement of judgments, arbitration, proceedings against public body or officer, attachment, and much more.

The title provides a number of in-depth forms that save time and effort. Each chapter includes:

  • A Practice Checklist, that details high-level topics of interest, definitions, and reminders;
  • In-depth forms, used in connection with the transactions being addressed, which may be modified by the customer to meet the specific needs of their client or situation; and
  • Relevant footnotes, to provide guidance and specific insight.

The publication targets a wide range of topics, including jurisdiction, venue, parties, incapacitated persons, stays / motions / orders, subpoenas, remedies, disclosure, trial, judgments, enforcement, and more.

Material in this publication is also published in Medina’s Bostwick Practice Manual.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 CPLR Article 3 Jurisdiction, Service, Appearance and Choice of Court

Chapter 2 CPLR Article 4 Special Proceedings; Generally

Chapter 3 CPLR Article 5 Venue

Chapter 4 CPLR Article 6 Joinder of Claims, Consolidation and Severance

Chapter 5 CPLR Article 10 Parties; Generally

Chapter 6 CPLR Article 11 Poor Persons

Chapter 7 CPLR Article 12 Infants and Incapacitated Persons

Chapter 8 CPLR Article 14 Contribution

Chapter 9 CPLR Article 20 Mistakes, Omissions, Defects, and Irregularities

Chapter 10 CPLR Article 21 Papers; Stipulations

Chapter 11 CPLR Article 22 Stays, Motions, Orders and Mandates

Chapter 12 CPLR Article 23 Subpoenas, Oaths and Affirmations

Chapter 13 CPLR Article 25 Undertakings

Chapter 14 CPLR Article 30 Remedies and Pleading

Chapter 15 CPLR Article 31 Disclosure


Chapter 16 CPLR Article 32 Accelerated Judgments

Chapter 17 CPLR Article 34 Calendar Practice; Trial Preference

Chapter 18 CPLR Article 40 Trial Generally

Chapter 19 CPLR Article 41 Trial by a Jury

Chapter 20 CPLR Article 42 Trial by the Court

Chapter 21 CPLR Article 44 Trial Motions

Chapter 22 CPLR Article 50 Judgments Generally

Chapter 23 CPLR Article 51 Enforcement of Judgments and Orders Generally

Chapter 24 CPLR Article 52 Enforcement of Money Judgments

Chapter 25 CPLR Article 53 Recognition of Foreign Country Money Judgments

Chapter 26 CPLR Article 54 Enforcement of Judgments Entitled to Full Faith and

Chapter 27 CPLR Article 65 Notice of Pendency

Chapter 28 CPLR Article 75 Arbitration

Chapter 29 CPLR Article 78 Proceeding Against Body or Officer

Chapter 30 CPLR Article 84 Taxation of Costs

Chapter 30A CPLR Article 62 Attachment