LexisNexis Practice Guide: Minnesota Pretrial Civil Litigation

LexisNexis Practice Guide: Minnesota Pretrial Civil Litigation is a one-volume source providing pretrial guidance, forms and checklists by and for Minnesota state-court litigators.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663372000
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ISBN: 9781663372017
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2023 Edition
ISBN: 9781663372017
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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Minnesota Pretrial Civil Litigation covers pretrial civil procedure in Minnesota state courts from pretrial planning through summary judgment and settlement. Each chapter contains background analysis, checklists and forms, and integrates how-to practical guidance and a task-oriented approach with references to sources of Minnesota law. This step-by-step guidance will prove essential to effectively managing the pretrial process in a civil lawsuit.

Overseen and edited by eminent Minnesota trial lawyer George W. Soule, this new reference will complement the existing LexisNexis line of Minnesota publications, including Pirsig on Minnesota Pleading, Minnesota Civil Practice, LexisNexis Practice Guide: Minnesota Contract Litigation, LexisNexis Practice Guide: Minnesota Real Estate Litigation, and Dunnell Minnesota Digest.

Among the topics covered are the following (see full table of contents below):

•  Prefiling considerations
•  Statutes of limitations and laches
•  Contractual arbitration
•  Jurisdiction and venue
•  Motion practice
•  Responsive pleading
•  Intervention
•  Discovery
•  Nondiscovery sanctions
•  Certification of class and notice to class
•  Case management
•  Judgment on the pleadings
•  Summary judgment

The 2022 edition ISBN is 9781663348944.

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Table of contents

Ch. 1 Parties
Ch. 2 Prefiling Requirements, Statutes of Limitations, and Laches
Ch. 3 Initiation of Contractual Arbitration
Ch. 4 Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Forum, and Venue
Ch. 5 Commencing Judicial Action
Ch. 6 Motions Before Answer and Motion Practice
Ch. 7 Responsive Pleading and Intervention
Ch. 8 Judgment by Default or on the Pleadings
Ch. 9 Class Actions: Certification of, and Notice to, Class
Ch. 10 Case Management
Ch. 11 Offers of Judgment and Settlement
Ch. 12 Summary Judgment
Ch. 13 Pretrial Nondiscovery Sanctions
Ch. 14 Civil Discovery
Ch. 15 Third-Party Practice
Ch. 16 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings