Florida Practitioner's Guide: Civil Trial Preparation

​Florida Practitioner’s Guide®: Civil Trial Preparation is designed to guide the attorney through all phases of trial preparation, from interviewing the client to preparing the closing argument and jury instructions. Details regarding trial notebooks, pretrial motions, discovery, and evidentiary issues are provided to help the attorney focus and advance the case, and settlement options are explored as a prudent alternative to trial. Each phase of preparation is individually covered, and thoroughly cross-referenced. This new edition includes new user-friendly formatting, as well as addressing amended rules, revised statutes, and new case law.

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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781663314345
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781663314352
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10th Edition
ISBN: 9781663314352
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To help advance your case smoothly and efficiently, the Florida Practitioner's Guide®: Civil Trial Preparation provides detailed coverage of trial notebooks, pretrial motions, discovery, and evidentiary issues. Settlement options are also explored in detail as an alternate to trial.

In addition to addressing amended rules, revised statutes, and new case law, the Tenth edition provides updated forms and coverage of the following hot topics:

  • COVID-19 pandemic's impact on trials and depositions
  • Current judicial split over the award of punitive damages and express or affirmative findings
  • Award of attorneys' fees and requests for admission that would resolve the ultimate issues, if admitted, versus requests for admissions that go to establishing a relevant fact
  • Florida courts' recent holding that an order granting a motion to sever is not an appealable nonfinal order
  • Court-ordered, nonbinding arbitration and the recent determination that a "request for a trial de novo," has the same meaning as a "motion for trial"

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The ISBN for the 9th Edition was 9781522171300.

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Table of contents

§ 1.1.  Initial Activities
§ 1.2.  Proceed With Case Management Conference Or Pretrial Conference
§ 1.3.  Prepare For And Conduct Discovery
§ 1.4.  Keep Abreast Of Case Developments
§ 1.5.  Set Case For Trial
§ 1.6.  Proceed To Final Pretrial Conference
§ 1.7.  Complete Final Preparation For Trial
§ 1.8.  Prepare For Jury Selection

§ 2.1.  Motion Basics
§ 2.2.  Defensive Motions
§ 2.3.  Motions To Structure Case
§ 2.4.  General Trial Preparation Motions
§ 2.5.  Dispositive Motions

§ 3.1.  Overview Of Discovery
§ 3.2.  Devise Discovery Plan
§ 3.3.  Informal Discovery
§ 3.4.  Interrogatories
§ 3.5.  Requests For Admission
§ 3.6.  Request To Produce Or Inspect From Party
§ 3.7.  Request To Produce Or Inspect From Nonparty
§ 3.8.  Request For Physical Or Mental Examination Or Report
§ 3.9.  Oral Depositions
§ 3.10.  Resolution Of Discovery Issues
§ 3.11.  Final Pretrial Disclosures

§ 4.1.  Overview
§ 4.2.  Introduction Of Formal Discovery Into Evidence
§ 4.3.  Introduction Of Nontestimonial Evidence
§ 4.4.  Introduction Of "Live" Testimony Into Evidence
§ 4.5.  Response To Opposing Party's Evidence
§ 4.6.  Prepare Trial Plan

§ 5.1.  Introduction
§ 5.2.  Evaluation Of Case
§ 5.3.  Informal Settlement Negotiations
§ 5.4.  Formal Offer Of Settlement Or Demand For Judgment
§ 5.5.  Mediation
§ 5.6.  Arbitration