California Forms of Pleading and Practice

California Forms of Pleading and Practice is the leading source for up-to-date guidance on all aspects of civil actions and proceedings from pleadings to appeal.

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The How-To, Easy-To-Use Guide To All Remedies And Defenses In California Courts And Agencies.

Providing detailed analysis of the law along with timesaving forms, checklists and research guides, California Forms of Pleading and Practice keeps you up-to-date on all aspects of procedure in civil actions and proceedings from pleadings to appeal including: complaints, answers and demurrers; attachment; discovery; summary judgment; extensive motions and orders; mandate and prohibition; enforcement of judgment; and appeal. Arbitration and mediation are also covered. Encyclopedic coverage of all civil practice areas, including torts, business and commercial, real estate, public administrative law, and family law. Attorney ethics and other practice issues are thoroughly covered.

Encyclopedic Coverage.

California Forms of Pleading and Practice saves you time not just in your usual areas of civil practice, but in the less common areas you need to offer your client complete legal services. It is the best resource for quickly and effectively researching topics like attorney practice and ethics, elections, change of name, small claims, and notaries public. This comprehensive publication has chapters arranged alphabetically for quick reference, and includes a topical list of chapters to find the primary chapters on a given topic as well as the related chapters practitioners may overlook.

Unparalleled Updating.

With frequent revision for current developments, California Forms of Pleading and Practice is a resource of enduring value. To keep you abreast of current developments and the way they impact your day-to-day practice, California Forms of Pleading and Practice is updated to reflect: all relevant California and federal legislation; administrative regulations and procedures; judicial decisions; and shifts in the general business environment. New developments are integrated into text and forms with unparalleled quality and timeliness.

For more than 30 years, California practitioners have turned to California Forms of Pleading and Practice from Matthew Bender for guidance in all stages of civil actions and proceedings.

Now you can use its detailed coverage in all areas of your civil practice including: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Attorney Practice, Automobile Collisions, Bankruptcy, Business and Commercial Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Election Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Juvenile Courts, Products Liability, Professions, Public Administrative Law, Public Entities, Real Estate, Taxes, Torts.

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Table of contents

Volume 1 New Developments Thru Adjoining Landowners-Chs. 1-11 

Alphabetical List of Chapters

Topical List of Chapters

Chapter 1 New Developments

Chapter 2 Procedural Guide For Civil Actions

Chapter 3 Abatement Of Actions

Chapter 4 Abortion And Birth Control Methods

Chapter 5 Abuse Of Minors And Elderly

Chapter 6 Accord And Satisfaction

Chapter 7 Accounting, Action For

Chapter 8 Accounts Stated And Open Accounts

Chapter 9 Acknowledgments

Chapter 10 Act Of God

Chapter 11 Adjoining Landowners

Volume 2 Adoptions Thru Airplanes And Airports-Chs. 12-17

Chapter 12 Adoptions: Nature And Effect
Chapter 12a Adoptions: Termination Of Parental Rights
Chapter 12b Adoptions: Unmarried Minors

12c Adoptions: Adults And Married Minors
Chapter 12d Adoptions: Amendment And Inspection Of Records
Chapter 12e Adoptions: Attack On Decree

Chapter 13 Adverse Possession
Chapter 14 Advertising
Chapter 15 Affidavits, Certificates, And Declarations
Chapter 16 Airplanes And Airports

Chapter 17 [Reserved]

Volume 3 Alcoholic Beverage Licenses Thru Answers-Chs. 18-29
Chapter 18 Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
Chapter 19 Alcoholic Beverages:

Civil Liability
Chapter 20 Allegations Commonly Used
Chapter 21 Amended And Supplemental Pleadings
Chapter 22 Amicus Curiae
Chapter 23

Animals: Civil Liability
Chapter 24 Animals: Liens
Chapter 25 Annulment (Nullity) Of Marriage And Related Spousal Rights
Chapter 26 Answers

Chapter 26 Answers: Table Of Affirmative Defense Forms
Chapters 27-29 [Reserved]

Volume 4 Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Thru Tactics And New Developments In ADR-Chs. 30-39
Chapter 30 Using Alternative Dispute

Chapter 31 Mediation
Chapter 32 Contractual Arbitration: Agreements And Compelling Arbitration
Chapter 33 Contractual Arbitration:

Appointment Of Arbitrator And Conduct Of Proceeding
Chapter 34 Contractual Arbitration: Judicial Review
Chapter 35 Arbitration And Conciliation Of

International Commercial Disputes
Chapter 36 Judicial Arbitration
Chapter 37 Judicially Mandated Civil Action Mediation
Chapter 38 Reference

Chapter 39 Tactics And New Developments In ADR

Volume 5 Appeal-Chs. 40-55
Chapter 40 Appeal: An Overview
Chapter 41 Appeal: Review

Standards And Appellate Rules Of Law
Chapter 42 Appeal: Notice Of Appeal
Chapter 43 Appeal: Stay Of Proceedings
Chapter 44 Appeal: Preparing And

Filing The Record
Chapter 45 Appeal: Motion Procedure
Chapter 46 Appeal: Extending Or Shortening Time
Chapter 47 Appeal: Relief From Default

Chapter 48 Appeal: Abandonment, Dismissal, And Stipulated Reversal
Chapter 49 Appeal: Sanctions
Chapter 50 Appeal: Briefs
Chapter 51 Appeal:

Hearing And Decision
Chapter 52 Appeal: Rehearing
Chapter 53 Appeal: Remittitur And Costs On Appeal
Chapter 54 Appeal: California Supreme Court

Chapter 55 [Reserved]

Volume 6 Architects Thru Attorney Admission And Discipline-Chs. 56-71
Chapter 56 Architects
Chapter 57

Chapter 58 Assault And Battery
Chapter 59 Assemblies, Meetings, And Demonstrations
Chapter 60 Assignments
Chapter 61 Associations And

Chapter 62 Attachment
Chapters 63-69 [Reserved]
Chapter 70 Attorney Admission
Chapter 71 Attorney Discipline

Volume 7 Attorney Practice And Ethics Thru Auctions And Auctioneers-Chs.72-79
Chapter 72 Attorney Practice And Ethics
Chapters 73-75

Chapter 76 Attorney Professional Liability
Chapter 77 Auctions And Auctioneers
Chapters 78-79 [Reserved]

Volume 8

Automobiles-Chs. 80-92

Chapter 80 Automobiles: Overview
Chapter 81 Automobiles: Client Interview
Chapter 81a Automobiles: Investigation

Chapter 81b Automobiles: Case Evaluation
Chapter 82 Automobiles: Causes Of Action
Chapter 82a Automobiles: Damages
Chapter 83 Automobiles:

Bringing The Action
Chapter 84 Automobiles: Responding To The Action
Chapter 85 Automobiles: Discovery
Chapter 86 Automobiles: Pretrial Motions

And Settlement Negotiations
Chapter 87 Automobiles: Trial
Chapter 87a Automobiles: Post Trial
Chapter 88 Automobiles: Automobile Insurance

Chapter 88a Automobiles: Uninsured Motorist Claims
Chapter 89 Automobiles: Sales And Financing Under The Rees-Levering Act
Chapter 90

Automobiles: Vehicle Leasing Act
Chapter 91 Automobiles: Actions Involving Defects And Repairs
Chapter 92 Automobiles: Drivers' Licenses

Volume 9 Bailments Thru Boats And Boating-Chs. 93-100
Chapter 93 Bailments
Chapter 94 Bankruptcy
Chapter 95 Banks, Deposits, And

Chapter 96 [Reserved]
Chapter 97 Barbering And Cosmetology
Chapter 98 Bicycles
Chapter 99 Birth And Death, Establishing The Fact Of

Chapter 100 Boats And Boating

Volume 10 Boundaries Thru Captions And Introductions-Chs. 101-108
Chapter 101 Boundaries
Chapter 102

Chapter 103 Brokers
Chapter 104 Building Contracts
Chapter 105 [Reserved]
Chapter 106 Buses And Streetcars
Chapter 107

Cancellation Of Instruments
Chapter 108 Captions And Introductions

Volume 11 Carriers Thru Civil Service-Chs.109-118
Chapter 109

Chapter 110 Churches And Religious Organizations
Part 111 [Reserved]
Chapter 112 Civil Rights: Government-Funded Programs And Activities

Chapter 113 Civil Rights: The Post-Civil War Civil Rights Statutes
Chapter 114 Civil Rights: Prisoners' Rights
Chapter 115 Civil Rights:

Employment Discrimination
Chapter 116 Civil Rights: Discrimination In Business Establishments
Chapter 117 Civil Rights: Housing Discrimination

Chapter 117a Civil Rights: Interference With Civil Rights By Threats, Intimidation, Coercion, Or Violence
Chapter 118 Civil Service


12 Claim And Delivery Thru Consolidation, Severance, And Coordination Of Actions-Chs. 119-125

Chapter 119 Claim And Delivery
Chapter 120 Class

Chapter 121 Common Counts
Chapter 122 Community Property
Chapter 123 Complaints And Cross Complaints
Chapter 124 Condominiums And

Other Common Interest Developments
Chapter 125 Consolidation, Severance, And Coordination Of Actions

Volume 13 Conspiracy Thru Conversion-Chs.


Chapter 126 Conspiracy
Chapter 126a Constitutional Law
Chapter 127 Consumer Contracts And Loans
Chapter 128 Consumer Contracts:

Statutes Regulating Specific Types Of Contracts
Chapter 129 Consumer Credit Reporting
Chapters 130-134 [Reserved]
Chapter 135 Contempt

Chapter 136 Continuances
Chapter 137 Continuing Duties During Litigation
Chapters 138-139 [Reserved]
Chapter 140 Contracts
Chapters 141-

149 [Reserved]
Chapter 150 Conversion
Chapters 151-159 [Reserved]

Volume 14 Corporations-Chs. 160-173
Chapter 160 Corporations:

Chapter 161 Corporations: Alter Ego Liability
Chapter 162 Corporations: Issuance Of Shares
Chapter 163 Corporations: Transfers Of Shares

Chapter 164 Corporations: Dividends and Reacquisitions of Shares
Chapter 165 Corporations: Corporate Records and Reports
Chapter 166

Corporations: Shareholders' Meetings and Votings
Chapter 167 Corporations: Directors and Management
Chapter 168 Corporations: Derivative Actions

Chapter 169 Corporations: Reorganizations
Chapter 170 Corporations: Dissolution and Winding up

Chapter 171 Corporations: Hybrid Corporations-Benefit Corporations and Flexible Benefit Corporations

Chapters 172-173 [Reserved]

Volume 15 Costs And Attorney's Fees Thru Deeds-Chs. 174-189
Chapter 174 Costs And Attorney's Fees
Chapters 175-176 [Reserved]

177 Damages
Chapters 178-179 [Reserved]
Chapter 180 Dead Bodies And Cemeteries
Chapter 181 Death And Survival Actions
Chapter 182 Declaratory

Chapter 183 Dedication

Chapter 184 Deeds
Chapters 185-189 [Reserved]

Volume 16 Depositions And Discovery-Chs. 190-204
Chapter 190 Discovery: Scope,

Regulation, And Timing
Chapter 191 Discovery: Privileges And Other Discovery Limitations
Chapter 192 Discovery: Sanctions For Discovery Misuse

Chapter 193 Discovery: Depositions
Chapter 194 Discovery: Interrogatories
Chapter 195 Discovery: Inspection Of Tangible Evidence

Chapter 195A Discovery: Discovery of Electronically Stored Evidence (E-Discovery)

Chapter 196

Discovery: Requests For Admissions
Chapter 197 Discovery: Physical And Mental Examinations
Chapter 198 Discovery: Exchange Of Expert Witness

Chapter 199 Discovery: Preservation Of Evidence
Chapter 200 Discovery: Review Of Discovery Orders
Chapters 201-204 [Reserved]

Volume 17 Defaults And Default Judgments Thru Duress, Menace, Fraud, Undue Influence, And Mistake-Chs. 205-219
Chapter 205 Defaults And Default

Chapter 206 Demurrers And Motions For Judgment On The Pleadings
Chapters 207-208 [Reserved]
Chapter 209 Dentists
Chapter 210

Chapter 211 Deposit In Court
Chapter 212 Dismissal
Chapter 213 Documents Of Title
Chapter 214 Drugs And Pharmacists

215 Duress, Menace, Fraud, Undue Influence, And Mistake
Chapters 216-219 [Reserved]

Volume 18 Dissolution Of Marriage And Related Proceedings-

Chapter 220-222

Chapter 220 Dissolution of Marriage: Master Procedural Guide
Chapter 221 Dissolution of Marriage: Procedure
Chapter 222

Dissolution of Marriage: Property Division and Valuation

Volume 19 Dissolution Of Marriage And Related Proceedings-Chs.223-239
Chapter 223

Dissolution of Marriage: Child Custody
Chapter 224 Dissolution of Marriage: Child Support
Chapter 225 Dissolution of Marriage: Spousal Support

Chapter 226 Dissolution of Marriage: Attorney's Fees
Chapter 227 Dissolution of Marriage: Tax Effects of Dissolution
Chapters 228-239 [Reserved]

Volume 20 Easements Thru Eminent Domain-Chs. 240-247
Chapter 240 Easements
Chapter 241 Ejectment
Chapter 242 Election Campaigns

Chapter 243 Elections
Chapter 244 Elevators And Escalators
Chapter 245 Emancipation Of Minors
Chapter 246 Emergency Vehicles
Chapter 247

Eminent Domain and Inverse Condemnation

Volume 21 Employer's Liability For Employee's Torts Thru Executions And Enforcement Of Judgments-Chs. 248-


Chapter 248 Employer's Liability For Employee's Torts
Chapter 249 Employment Law: Termination And Discipline
Chapter 250 Employment Law:

Wage And Hour Disputes
Chapter 251 Equity
Chapter 252 Escheat (Unclaimed Property)
Chapter 253 Escrows
Chapter 254 Executions And Enforcement

Of Judgments
Chapter 255 [Reserved]

Volume 22 Explosives Thru Food-Chs. 256-268
Chapter 256 Explosives
Chapter 257 False

Chapter 258 Family Law Enforcement: General Enforcement Principles And Remedies
Chapter 259 Family Law Enforcement: Special Remedies For

Support Enforcement
Chapter 260 Family Law Enforcement: Foreign Judgments
Chapters 261-263 [Reserved]
Chapter 264 Fax Filing And Service Of

Chapter 265 Federal Courts: Jurisdiction And Removal
Chapter 266 Fences
Chapter 267 Fires
Chapter 268 Food

Volume 23 Fraud

And Deceit Thru Good Faith Improver Of Real Property-Chs. 269-279

Chapter 269 Fraud And Deceit
Chapter 270 Fraudulent Conveyances
Chapter 271

Chapter 272 Gambling
Chapter 273 Games, Sports, And Athletics
Chapter 274 Garages And Gas Stations
Chapter 275 [Reserved]

Chapter 276 Garnishment
Chapter 277 Gas And Electricity
Chapter 278 Gifts
Chapter 279 Good Faith Improver Of Real Property


24 Guardianship And Conservatorship Thru Guardians Ad Litem-Chs. 280-291

Chapter 280 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Appointment Of

Chapter 281 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Appointment Of Conservators
Chapter 282 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Temporary Guardians

And Conservators
Chapter 283 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Bonds
Chapter 284 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Notice
Chapter 285

Guardianship And Conservatorship: Care Of Ward Or Conservatee
Chapter 286 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Inventory And Appraisal
Chapter 287

Guardianship And Conservatorship: General Management Powers
Chapter 288 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Independent Exercise Of Powers
Chapter 289

Guardianship And Conservatorship: Management Of Community Property
Chapter 290 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Maintenance Of Ward Or Conservatee

Chapter 290a Guardianship And Conservatorship: Asset Management And Investment
Chapter 290b Guardianship And Conservatorship: Substituted Judgment

Chapter 290c Guardianship And Conservatorship: Actions And Disputed Claims
Chapter 290d Guardianship And Conservatorship: Actions Against Guardians,

Conservators, And Sureties
Chapter 290e Guardianship And Conservatorship: Accounts
Chapter 290f Guardianship And Conservatorship: Compensation Of

Guardian Or Conservator
Chapter 290g Guardianship And Conservatorship: Removal Or Resignation Of Guardians And Conservators
Chapter 290h Guardianship

And Conservatorship: Termination Of Guardianships And Conservatorships
Chapter 291 Guardians Ad Litem

Volume 25 Habeas Corpus Thru

Initiative, Referendum, And Recall-Chs. 292-302
Chapter 292 Habeas Corpus
Chapter 293 Harassment And Domestic Violence
Chapter 294 Homesteads

Chapter 295 Hospitals
Chapter 296 [Reserved]
Chapter 297 Hotels And Motels
Chapter 298 [Reserved]
Chapter 299 Identity, Establishment Of

Chapter 300 Indemnity And Contribution
Chapter 301 [Reserved]
Chapter 302 Initiative, Referendum, And Recall

Volume 26 Injunctions Thru

Insurance-Chs. 303-313

Chapter 303 Injunctions

Chapters 304-306 [Reserved]
Chapter 307

Chapter 308 Insurance
Chapters 309-313 [Reserved]

Volume 27 Interpleader Thru Juries And Jury Selection-Chs. 314-322

Chapter 314 Interpleader
Chapter 315 Irrigation
Chapter 316 Joint Tenancy And Tenancy In Common
Chapter 317 Judges
Chapter 318 Judgments

Chapters 319-320 [Reserved]
Chapter 321 Judicial Notice
Chapter 322 Juries And Jury Selection

Volume 28 Jurisdiction, Inconvenient

Forum, And Appearances Thru Juvenile Courts: Delinquency Proceedings-Chs. 323-329

Chapter 323 Jurisdiction: Personal Jurisdiction, Inconvenient

Forum, And Appearances
Chapter 324 Jurisdiction: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 325 [Reserved]
Chapter 326 Jury Instructions

326a Jury Verdicts
Chapter 327 Juvenile Courts: Jurisdiction And General Procedures
Chapter 328 Juvenile Courts: Dependency Proceedings

329 Juvenile Courts: Delinquency Proceedings

Volume 29 Landlord And Tenant: General Introduction Thru Rent Control-Chs. 330-339
Chapter 330

Landlord And Tenant: General Introduction
Chapter 331 Landlord And Tenant: Creating The Tenancy
Chapter 332 Landlord And Tenant: The Tenancy

Chapter 333 Landlord And Tenant: Eviction Actions
Chapter 334 Landlord And Tenant: Claims For Damages
Chapter 335 Landlord And Tenant: Rent

Chapters 336-339 [Reserved]

Volume 30 Libel And Slander Thru Limited Liability Companies-Chs. 340-347
Chapter 340 Libel And

Chapter 341 [Reserved]
Chapter 342 Liens And Wage Preferences
Chapter 342 Liens And Wage Preferences: Table of Liens

Chapter 343 [Reserved]
Chapter 344 Life Estates And Remainders
Chapter 345 Limitation Of Actions

Chapter 345 Limitation Of Actions: Table Of Limitation Periods
Chapter 345a Limited Civil Cases
Chapter 346 Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 347 [Reserved]

Volume 31 Lis Pendens Thru Mandate And Prohibition-Chs. 348-358
Chapter 348 Lis Pendens

349 Literary Property And Copyright
Chapter 350 Logs And Timber
Chapter 351 Long-Term Health And Residential Care
Chapters 352-353 [Reserved]

Chapter 354 Loss Of Consortium
Chapter 355 Lost And Unclaimed Property
Chapter 356 Lost Papers
Chapter 357 Malicious Prosecution And Abuse Of

Chapter 358 Mandate And Prohibition

Volume 32 Marriage Thru Motion Pictures-Chs. 359-370
Chapter 359 Marriage
Chapter 360

Chapter 361 Mechanics' Liens

Chapter 361A Mental Health and Mental Disabilities: Judicial Commitment, Health Services and Civil Rights

Chapter 362 Mental Suffering And Emotional Distress
Chapter 363 Mining
Chapter 364 Minors: Claims And

Property of Minors
Chapter 365 Minors: Contract Actions
Chapter 366 Minors: Court Consent For Medical Care Or Enlistment
Chapter 367 Minors:

Disaffirmation of Judgments
Chapter 367a Minors: Tort Actions
Chapter 368 Missing Persons
Chapter 369 Mobilehomes And Mobilehome Parks

370 Motion Pictures

Volume 33 Motions After Trial Thru Negotiable Instruments-Chs. 371-385
Chapter 371 Motions After Trial
Chapter 372

Motions And Orders
Chapter 373 Motions In Limine
Chapter 374 Motions To Reconsider And Renewed Motions
Chapter 375 Motions To Strike:

Chapter 376 Motions To Strike: Anit-SLAPP
Chapter 377 Name, Change Of
Chapters 378-379 [Reserved]
Chapter 380 Negligence

Chapters 381-384 [Reserved]
Chapter 385 Negotiable Instruments

Volume 34 Newspapers Thru Parties-Chs. 386-396
Chapter 386

Chapter 387 Nonmarital Cohabitation
Chapter 388 Nonprofit Corporations
Chapter 389 Nonsuit And Motions For Judgment
Chapter 390

Notaries Public
Chapter 391 Nuisance
Chapter 392 Oath And Affirmation
Chapter 393 Oil And Gas
Chapter 394 Parent And Child
Chapter 395

Chapter 396 [Reserved]

Volume 35 Partition Thru Paternity-Chs. 397-412
Chapter 397 Partition
Chapters 398-399 [Reserved]

Chapter 400 Partnerships: Governing Statutes
Chapter 401 Partnerships: Actions Between General Partners And Partnership
Chapter 402 Partnerships:

Actions Between General Partners Or Partnership And Third Parties
Chapter 403 Partnerships: Actions By And Against Dissociated Partners
Chapter 404

Partnerships: Actions Between Limited Partners And Partnerships
Chapter 405 Partnerships: Actions Between Limited Partners Or Partnerships And Third

Chapter 406 Partnerships: Dissolution
Chapters 407-410 [Reserved]
Chapter 411 Patents And Inventions
Chapter 412


Volume 36 Personal Property Leases Thru Premises Liability-Chs. 413-424
Chapter 413 Personal Property Leases
Chapter 414

Physicians: Licensing And Discipline
Chapter 415 Physicians: Medical Malpractice
Chapter 416: Physicians: Membership On Hospital Staffs Or In

Professional Organizations
Chapter 417 Points And Authorities
Chapter 418 Pollution And Environmental Matters
Chapter 419 [Reserved]

420 Prayers
Chapter 421 Premises Liability
Chapters 422-424 [Reserved]

Volume 37 Pretrial Proceedings Thru Privacy-Chs. 425-439

Chapter 425 Pretrial Proceedings
Chapter 426 [Reserved]
Chapter 427 Principal And Agent
Chapter 428 [Reserved]
Chapter 429 Privacy

Chapters 430-439 [Reserved]

Volume 38 Probate: Is Probate Necessary? Thru Probate: Estate Tax-Chs. 440-453
Chapter 440 Probate: Is

Probate Necessary?
Chapter 441 Probate: Disposition Without Administration
Chapter 442 Probate: Initiating Probate Administration
Chapter 443

Probate: Compelling Production Of Will
Chapter 444 Probate: Will Contests
Chapter 445 Probate: Independent Administration of Estates
Chapter 446

Probate: Bonds—Increase And Decrease During Administration
Chapter 447 Probate: Statutory Notice Requirements
Chapter 448 Probate: Family

Chapter 449 Probate: Exempt Personal Property and Probate Homesteads
Chapter 450 Probate: Collecting Assets
Chapter 451 Probate: Inventory

and Appraisal
Chapter 452 Probate: Proration Of Estate And Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
Chapter 453 Probate: Estate Tax

Volume 39 Probate:

Claims Against The Estate Thru Probate: Discharge-Chs. 454-459

Chapter 454 Probate: Claims Against The Estate
Chapter 455 Probate: Sale Of Estate

Chapter 456 Probate: Management Of Estate Assets
Chapter 457 Probate: Instructions To Personal Representative
Chapter 458 Probate:

Determination Of Heirship
Chapter 458a Probate: Simultaneous Death
Chapter 458b Probate: Suspension, Removal, And Resignation
Chapter 458c

Probate: Preliminary Distribution And Partial Allowance Of Compensation
Chapter 458d Probate: Accounts, Final Distribution, And Compensation

458e Probate: Discharge
Chapters 459 [Reserved]

Volume 40 Products Liability Thru Public Entities And Officers-Chs. 460-469
Chapter 460

Products Liability
Chapter 461 [Reserved]
Chapter 462 Public Accountants
Chapter 463 [Reserved]
Chapter 464 Public Entities and Officers:

California Tort Claims Act
Chapter 465 Public Entities and Officers: Civil Claims for Criminal Acts
Chapter 466 Public Entities and Officers:

Taxpayers' Actions
Chapter 467 Public Entities and Officers: Enforcement of Judgment
Chapter 468 Public Entities and Officers: False Claims Actions

Chapter 469 Public Entities and Officers: Conflicts of Interest

Volume 41 Overview Of Public Administrative Law Thru Review Of Agency

Rulemaking-Chs. 470-472b

Chapter 470 Overview Of Public Administrative Law
Chapter 470a Due Process Restrictions On Public Agencies

470b Public Agency Meetings
Chapter 470c Public Records Act
Chapter 471 Investigations By Public Agencies
Chapter 471a Public Agency Inspections

Chapter 471b Licensing By Public Agencies
Chapter 472 Public Agency Rules
Chapter 472a Agency Rulemaking Procedures
Chapter 472b Review Of

Agency Rulemaking

Volume 41a Public Agency Adjudications Judicial Review-Chs. 473-479
Chapter 473 Public Agency Adjudication

473a Commencing Agency Adjudication
Chapter 473b Discovery In Agency Adjudications
Chapter 473c Prehearing Procedures In Agency Adjudications

Chapter 473d Prehearing Preparations In Agency Adjudications
Chapter 473e Public Administrative Law Judges
Chapter 473f Agency Adjudication

Chapter 473g Agency Adjudication Decisions
Chapter 473h Alternative Procedures For Agency Decisions
Chapter 474 Availability Of Judicial

Review Of Agency Decisions
Chapter 474a Timing Of Judicial Review Of Agency Decisions
Chapter 474b Standards In Reviewing Agency Decisions

Chapter 474c Procedures In Reviewing Agency Decisions
Chapters 475-479 [Reserved]

Volume 42 Public Utilities Thru Railroads-Chs. 480-485

Chapter 480 Public Utilities
Chapter 481 Public Works
Chapter 482 Quieting Title
Chapter 483 Quo Warranto
Chapter 484 Radio

And Television
Chapter 485 Railroads

Volume 43 Receivers Thru Rewards-Chs. 486-499
Chapter 486 Receivers
Chapter 487 [Reserved]

Chapter 488 Reformation Of Instruments
Chapter 489 Relief From Judgments And Orders
Chapter 490 Rescission And Restitution
Chapter 491 Res


Chapter 492 Review (Certiorari), Writ Of
Chapter 493 Rewards
Chapters 494-499 [Reserved]

Volume 44 Sales Thru Sanitation

And Sewerage Districts-Chs. 500-511

Chapter 500 Sales: Sales Under The Commercial Code
Chapter 501 Sales: Retail Installment Sales

502 Sales: Warranties
Chapter 503 Sales: Secured Transactions
Chapter 504 Sales: Consumers Legal Remedies Act
Chapter 505 Sales: Independent

Wholesale Sales Representatives Contractual Relations Act
Chapters 506-509 [Reserved]
Chapter 510 Sanctions
Chapter 511 Sanitation And Sewerage


Volume 45 Schools Thru Service Of Summons And Papers-Chs. 512-519
Chapter 512 Schools: Certification, Dismissal, and Related

Employment Issues
Chapter 513 Schools: Student Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 514 Schools: Injuries to Students
Chapter 515 Securities And

Franchise Regulation
Chapter 516 [Reserved]
Chapter 517 Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 518 Service Of Summons And Papers
Chapter 519


Volume 46 Settlement And Release Thru Subpoena Chs. 520-535
Chapter 520 Settlement And Release
Chapter 521 [Reserved]

Chapter 522 Ships And Shipping
Chapter 523 [Reserved]
Chapter 524 Shortening And Extension Of Time
Chapter 525 Slip And Fall
Chapter 526

Small Claims
Chapter 527 Social Services
Chapter 528 Specific Performance
Chapter 529 Statement Of Decision
Chapter 530 Statute Of Frauds

Chapter 531 Statutes And Ordinances
Chapter 532 [Reserved]
Chapter 533 Stipulations Chapter 534 Submitted Controversy (Agreed Case)

535 Subpoena

Volume 47 Subrogation Thru Telephone And Telegraph Communication-Chs. 536-546
Chapter 536 Subrogation
Chapter 537 Summary

Chapter 538 Suretyship, Bonds, And Undertakings
Chapter 539 [Reserved]
Chapter 540 Taxes And Assessments
Chapters 541-543 [Reserved]

Chapter 544 Taxicabs
Chapter 545 Telephone And Telegraph Communication
Chapter 546 [Reserved]

Volume 48 Theaters, Shows, And Amusement

Place Thru Trust Deeds And Real Property Mortgages-Chs. 547-559

Chapter 547 Theaters, Shows, And Amusement Places
Chapter 548 Title Insurance

Chapter 549 Trademarks And Trade Names
Chapter 550 Trespass
Chapter 551 Trial
Chapter 552 Trial Court Delay Reduction
Chapter 553 Trucks

Chapter 554 [Reserved]
Chapter 555 Trust Deeds And Real Property Mortgages
Chapters 556-559 [Reserved]

Volume 49 Trusts Thru Unfair

Competition-Chs. 560-567

Chapter 560 Trusts: Express, Public, Charitable, and Totten Trusts
Chapter 561 Trusts: Constructive Trusts

562 Trusts: Resulting Trusts
Chapter 563 [Reserved]
Chapter 564 Unemployment And Disability Insurance
Chapter 565 Unfair Competition

566-567 [Reserved]

Volume 50 Usury Thru Verification-Chs. 568-572
Chapter 568 Usury
Chapter 569 Vendor And Purchaser Of Real

Chapter 570 [Reserved]
Chapter 571 Venue
Chapter 572 Verification

Volume 51 Vexatious Litigants Thru Zoning And Planning-Chs.


Chapter 573 Vexatious Litigants
Chapter 574 [Reserved]
Chapter 575 Waters
Chapter 576 [Reserved]
Chapter 577 Workers'

Chapter 578 [Reserved]
Chapter 579 Zoning And Planning

Volume 52

General Index A - K

Volume 53

General Index L - Z

Volume 54

Table of Statutes

Volume 55

Table of Cases