What made you fall in love with the law?

“Becoming a lawyer was a terrific decision.  There is nothing quite as fascinating as observing how law governs our daily life and societal structures.  Getting angry reading a Supreme Court decision, interpreting environmental regulations, taking on a pro bono case, and crafting a contract that enables a client to implement a new business goal are all tremendously intellectually satisfying.  
As a lawyer I have been privileged to meet and work with a wide range of fascinating people as clients, colleagues, mentors, mentees, and friends.”

Jean Warsaw
Author, Guide to the Toxic Substances Control Act

“I like solving puzzles, and lots of legal work is solving puzzles. How do the pieces fit together – what do you know, what don’t you know, and what do you need to know.  I like working with other people, especially people who bring something I don’t know to the table.  The law is a great learning opportunity.  You can always learn something new, or how to do something a new way.  It is flexible in that you can switch into different fields until you find the one that suits you the best at any given time.”

Miriam Gold
Author, Guide to the Toxic Substances Control Act

“What appeals to me about law is how it is both precise and flexible. I like to play with words and see how others throw them around.
The law's a good playground for that.”

Kristina Alexander
Chair for Marine Policy and Law at Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
Author, California Insurance Law & Practice

“My dad is an attorney, so I had some early exposure to the law. I was always impressed with his knowledge and his ability to help people …
And when I got in to law school, I found that it was really my niche. I enjoyed the intellectual give-and-take with classmates and the challenge of it all.
I also enjoyed that there isn’t always a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, and you can debate your side. It’s also a career in which you get to help people, give back to your community, and do good for society. It’s really rewarding.”

Diane Jenkins
Author, Pratt’s State Regulation of Second Mortgages and Home Equity Loans

“I like solving puzzles and solving challenges, and my clients come to me because they need help figuring out whatever it is they need to do.
I don’t always know the answer off the top of my head, but I know how to figure it out, and how to help them navigate complicated laws and regulations. And I believe that being a lawyer is one of the best combinations of my particular skills and talents is to help people achieve their dreams and goals.”

Margaret Witherup
Author, LexisNexis Practice Guide: Maryland Environmental Law

“I fell in with the law because of the opportunities it provides to solve problems.
Civil procedure, in particular, always felt like a set of tools waiting to be used in new and creative ways.”

Othni Lathram,
Author, Alabama Civil Procedure

"In case there’s any likelihood of confusion, let me be clear that my for trademark law can never be cancelled.
It cannot be blurred or tarnished. Nor will it ever cease or desist!”

Anne Gilson LaLonde,
Author, Gilson on Trademarks

“While contract law is full of colorful terms, I force majeure which literally means 'greater force'
and had a resurgence in relevance as the pandemic wreaked havoc on negotiated agreements.”

Michael Bruno, Esq.
Editorial Director, LexisNexis

"I fell head over heels in with the law when Henry Drummond (aka Clarence Darrow, aka Spencer Tracy)
asks Matthew Harrison Brady (aka William Jennings Bryan, aka Frederic March) in Inherit the Wind, ‘Do you think a sponge thinks?"
Brady answers, ‘If the Lord wishes a sponge to think, it thinks.’
And Drummond retorts, ‘Do you think a man should have the same privilege as a sponge?’"

Dr. James Castagnera, Esq.
Author, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Law: A Compliance Guide for U.S. Federal, State, and Local Governments