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ISBN/ISSN: 9780769866161
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Health care transactions pose unique and complex legal questions arising from intense federal and state regulation and enforcement. This Manual is the ideal guide for gaining an understanding of the legal landscape, and for managing the risks involved in structuring health care deals.

Critical insight for attorneys and other stakeholders

What makes sense in the business world does not always make sense in the health care world, and this publication is your key for knowing the difference and avoiding potential pitfalls. The Manual will help you understand nuances such as:

  • When seemingly straightforward business terms can veer toward health care fraud and abuse
  • How health care organization and/or management structure can impact the deal
  • The need to comply with both non-disclosure terms and federal and state privacy laws when conducting due diligence
  • How increased collaboration between health care entities may give raise to antitrust issues
  • How tax-exempt status may be impacted in the course of a deal between exempt and non-exempt entities
  • The need to consider state and federal environmental implications as they relate to radioactive materials used in patient care
  • And much more

Practical guidance, time saving tools, and exhibits

With contributions from more than a dozen attorney practitioners, the Manual provides invaluable practical guidance covering everything from the transactional basics to deep dive discussions for negotiating complicated deals. 

The book also contains 22 exhibits including: helpful checklists, downloadable sample documents, contractual language, clauses, and more.

EDITORS: Kim Harvey Looney, Glenn P. Prives, Deborah Farringer

AUTHORS: Mazen Asbahi, Adam Cella, Lymari Martinez Cromwell, John W. Dawson IV, Alexis J. Gilman, J. Andrew Goddard, Jay Hardcastle, Justin R. Hickerson, Rick Hindmand, Johnathan D. Holbrook, Lauren B. Jacques, Jason J. Krisza, Neil B. Krugman, Nathan H. Lykins, Lauren B. Patterson, Michael F. Schaff, Susan V. Sidwell, G. Scott Thomas, Rodrigo N. Valle, Kimberly S. Veirs, John R. Washlick

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Published in March, 2020.


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Table of contents

 •  Organizing the Health Care Transaction 

•  Health Care Transaction Fundamentals:  Licensing, Ownership, Reimbursement,
     Fraud, and Other Liabilities

•  Laws Relating to Corporate Operations:  Intellectual Property, Environmental Laws,
     Franchises, Securities, and Employment Law

•  Antitrust Issues in Health Care Transactions

•  Tax Issues in Health Care Transactions

•  Acquisitions, Sales, Mergers, and Joint Ventures: Transaction and Liability Issues for

•  Physician Practice Acquisitions and Affiliations

•  Private Equity-Owned Practice Management Company Acquisitions of Physician and
     Dental Practices

•  More than 20 exhibits, ranging from a Sample Preliminary Due Diligence Request to a
     Sample Closing Checklist