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AHLA Representing Physicians Handbook (AHLA Members)

The Representing Physicians Handbook provides attorneys with insight and guidance on issues of compliance, business, reimbursement, and many other issues
Publisher: AHLA

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4th Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781522100201
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781522100225
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4th Edition
ISBN/ISSN: 9781522100225
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The American Health Law Association is pleased to bring you the Fourth Edition of our best selling Representing Physicians Handbook.

Since the Third Edition was published, there has been continued expansion of the healthcare laws and regulations applicable to physicians. This edition of the Handbook addresses the issues that confront those who represent physicians in the increasingly complex physician practice world. The authors have provided their expertise to provide insight and guidance on issues of compliance, business, reimbursement, and many other issues.

Michael F. Schaff

Lisa Gora

Bradford E. Adatto, Steven R. Antico, Todd R. Bartos, Philip F. Berg, Ann M. Bittinger, Andrew E. Blustein, Mark A. Bonanno, Steven J. Chananie, Nora A. Colangelo, Kathleen L. DeBruhl, Nicholas J. Giampetro, Peter A. Greenbaum, Rick L. Hindmand, David J. Hyman, Sarah J. Imhoff, Kimberly Kempton-Serra, Mark S. Kopson, Christopher J. Laney, Kim Harvey Looney, Grace D. Mack, Jay A. Martus, Jeremy N. Miller, Laura Navarro, Jill T. Ojserkis, Mark W. Peters, Robert M. Portman, Cynthia Y. Reisz, Todd A. Rodriguez, David L. Rogers, Kate Romanow, Joseph W. N. Rugg, Gary S. Sastow, Michael F. Schaff, Patrick D. Souter, Andrew Stathopulos, and Mark R. Thompson

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Published February, 2016.


Table of contents

Table of Contents


About the Task Force Chair and Coordinating Editor

About the Authors

1    Physician Practice Organization

2    Overview of Regulatory Issues Affecting Physicians

3    Telemedicine

4    Employment Agreements and Other Working Relationships

5    Life Cycle of Association: The Buy-In and the Buy-Out

6    Tax Principles Concerning Buy-Outs and Related Post-Withdrawal Compensation

7    Tax Consequences Resulting From Choice of Entity

8    Practice Breakups and Physician Departures

9    Reimbursement of Physician Services

10  Physician/Hospital Relationships

11  Professional Liability: A Primer on Malpractice Insurance and Risk Management

12  Physician Joint Ventures

13  The Sale and Purchase of a Medical Practice

14  Hospital-Based Physician Representation

15  Use of Non-Competition Covenants in Physician Employment Relationships

16  Labor and Employment

17  Industry Relationships

18  Compliance, Compliance Plans, and Process for the Physician Practice

19  Non-Physician Practitioners

20  Physician Ancillary Services

21  Physician Recruitment Agreements

22  Physician Agreements

23  Background on Concierge Care

24  Physician In-Office Drug Dispensing and Compounding Arrangements

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes