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Matthew Bender California Practice Guides

Gain an edge over opposing counsel. If you’re looking for new perspectives to gain an edge over opposing counsel, you can count on Matthew Bender® California Practice Guides to help you seize every available advantage and build stronger, more persuasive cases than ever before.

Uncover new perspectives to gain an edge. Cross references, timesaving checklists, and specific examples help you save time, stay efficient and discover essential issues. All of this is supplemented by concise, yet thorough, how-to guidance from expert practitioners and judges.

Keep your case on track and prevent pitfalls.
Practice-tested forms, real-world tips, insightful warnings, strategic points, and more help you keep your case on track. The Matthew Bender® California Practice Guides are updated twice a year so you gain current California perspective on legal issues and avoid any potential pitfalls.

See the full picture and critical next steps.
The organization of the Matthew Bender® Practice Guides reflects the usual chronological progression and logic of California practice, with an intuitive, task-oriented approach.

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