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Your Library is Your Portrait: Using Technology to Improve Accessibility and Effectiveness

In this day and age, lawyering isn't a single locale profession. As a result, your library must be as flexible and accessible as your email and your legal research platform. Learn to identify and analyze the accessibility that would best benefit your practice.
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Duration: 66 minutes

The British journalist and publisher—and well known bibliophile (bookworm to you and me) of his time– Holbrook Jackson once wrote that “your library is your portrait.”  When it comes to the legal profession, that description is still apt. But it has changed significantly due to the increased accessibility offered by technological advances.  The large, austere library that for so long represented the image of a successful law firm is no longer functional in today’s world of bi-coastal clientele and bar admissions.  Instead, attorneys must be able to access their library from locations around the country and the world. In this program, you learn to identify and analyze the costs of a print library, to recognize the ethical requirements to make the most effective use of technology,  to develop criteria to evaluate digital libraries and publications, and to become familiar with the available functionalities of a digital library solution.

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