Wind Law

A comprehensive review of wind law, from litigation over the location of wind farms, to drafting leases, to federal, state and local government incentives.
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The latest comprehensive review of wind law.
Wind law is a burgeoning area of energy law as the U.S. tries to diversify sources of alternative energy. With so much happening so quickly, this timely volume of laws, regulations and rulings is valuable to all attorneys involved in energy law. Whether you represent an energy company, municipality, state or federal agency, or a party wishing to lease out a property for a wind farm, you'll want to turn here first.

This publication covers the following:
From litigation over the location of wind farms to drafting the right documents, to federal, state and local government incentives (including tax credits), here are the topics you need to know, including:
» Major elements of the wind energy lease
» Conveyance
» Severance of wind rights
» Litigation, permitting and legislative efforts
» Transmission issues
» Energy purchase agreements
» Offshore leasing
» Compliance with ERCOT protocols and other relevant laws and regulations

The newest kind of farm in America deserves your attention!
Now's the time to get up to speed, whether you represent developers, property owners or others. Regardless of the jurisdiction within which a wind issue arises, you can depend on this publication for the facts, figures and forms, plus up-to-date analysis of issues by experts on every aspect of wind law.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Wind Energy in the United States

Chapter 2 Major Elements of the Wind Energy Lease

Chapter 3 Conveyances, Leases and Easements

Chapter 4 Severance of Wind Rights

Chapter 5 Tax Incentives

Chapter 6 Litigation

Chapter 7 Transmission Issues

Chapter 8 Sale of Wind Energy

Chapter 9 Offshore Wind

Chapter 10 Environmental Statutes and Litigation

Appendix 1 License Agreement

Appendix 2 Lease and Grant of Easements Agreement

Appendix 3 Pooling Agreement

Appendix 4 Royalty Clause with Pooling Provision

Appendix 5 Accommodation Agreement

Appendix 6 Option Contract for Purchase of Easement and Form of Easement

Appendix 7 Reservation of Wind Royalty

Appendix 8 Ratification of Wind Energy Lease and Grant of Easement

Appendix 9 Resolution

Appendix 10 Guidelines and Criteria for Granting Tax Abatements in Reinvestment Zones from Lynn County, Texas

Appendix 11 Order Designating Reinvestment Zone from Borden County, Texas

Appendix 12 Tax Abatement Agreement Between Lynn County, Texas and WindTex Energy, LP for Lynn County Wind Farm

Appendix 13 Martin County Tax Information

Appendix 14 Agreement for Limitation on Appraised Value

Appendix 15 Standard Generation Interconnection Agreement

Appendix 16 PPA Agreement

Appendix 17 Onshore Wind Lease

Appendix 18 Offshore Wind Lease