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Williams & Meyers Manual of Oil & Gas Terms

Essential desk reference for anyone involved in the oil and gas industry.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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16th Edition
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ISBN: 9781579114435
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Book Edition: 16

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Manual of Oil and Gas Terms is an easy-to-use softcover desk reference that defines the words and phrases most useful to lawyers, landmen, accountants, investors in oil and gas properties, students and others involved in the industry. For example, a petroleum engineer might find the book helpful on the meaning of the "Unless" clause in an oil and gas lease; a landman might refer to the Manual to clarify the purpose and meaning of various lease clauses; a lawyer, accountant, or investor might use it to define financing terms and tax consequences. The Manual features:

• Close to 6,000 precise definitions of legal, engineering, and tax terms (including acronyms) relating to the oil and gas industry, with definitions based--wherever possible--on actual cases;
• A comprehensive survey of new terms and recent colloquialisms;
• Annotations that include useful references to statutes, cases, books and law review articles;
• Entries listed in alphabetical order to easily locate a desired term; and
• Ample cross-references to the 8-volume treatise, Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law.

The Manual of Oil and Gas Terms is also available packaged as Volume 8 of Williams & Meyers Oil and Gas Law.

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