Whistleblower and Bounty Law

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NEW! Texas Lawyer's Whistleblower and Bounty Law book, written by Steve Kardell of Clouse Dunn LLP, will provide you with a wealth of information for those working in corporate America. In addition to providing a timely compilation of important whistleblower protection statutes and an overview of emerging laws that provide for successful whistleblower bounties, the book will cover:

•  Important new administrative rulings relating to SOX non-retaliation, including pro-employee perspectives regarding adverse employment actions and reasonable belief.
•  Analysis of the all-important Section 922 (Dodd Frank/SEC bounty law).
•  Internal investigations from the perspective of the corporate witness.
•  Whistleblower access to internal company documents and proprietary data.
•  How the arcane topic of corporate privilege impacts whistleblower investigations.
•  Whistleblowing by in-house counsel.
•  The tenuous relationship of whistleblowers and the media.
•  Proliferation of mandatory disclosure rules for employees and executives.
•  Various Texas laws applicable to whistleblowers.

BONUS! Book purchase includes 2012 Online Edition! The online edition contains searchable text and index as well as one-click access to related material cases, statues and other authoritative content. It also has tools for organizing research. You can create folders, save searches, annotate, highlight and bookmark information.