Washington Reports Cumulative Subject Index

This handy companion index will help you find the appropriate precedent quickly.
Publisher: Michie
Print Book :4 volumes, replaced annually
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ISBN: 9781522178767
Publisher: Michie
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The Cumulative Subject Index to the Washington Reports and the Washington Appellate Reports has been a handy companion guide to busy lawyers who need to find the appropriate precedent quickly.

Published annually, the Cumulative Subject Index makes it easy to conduct case law research with its easy-to-use format built around words and phrases taken straight out of the official court reports for Washington. Each entry in the index ties directly to the headnote in the official reports so precise and useful precedents can be found quickly.

As the one official publisher of the Washington Official Reports, LexisNexis® editors are part of the court’s publishing process, working closely with the Washington Reporter of Decisions’ staff to meet all requirements for authenticity, integrity, and accuracy.