Washington Criminal and Traffic Law Manual

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2017 Edition
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The Washington Criminal and Traffic Law Manual contains selections from statutes including Civil Procedure, Evidence, Crimes and Punishment, Criminal Code, Juvenile Law and Juvenile Offenders, Domestic Relations, Motor Vehicles, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Fish and Wildlife, Transportation, and much more!

Two valuable additions to the publication are the "Legislative Highlights" section identifying and outlining recent changes in the law, and the "Legal Guidelines" offering a general overview of criminal procedure law.

Table of Contents

Table of Sections Affected 

Washington Legislative Highlights

Washington Legal Guidelines

Title 2. Court of Record

Title 3. District Courts — Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Title 4. Civil Procedure

Title 5. Evidence

Title 7. Special Proceedings and Actions

Title 9. Crimes and Punishments

Title 9A. Washington Criminal Code

Title 10. Criminal Procedure

Title 13. Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Offenders

Title 16. Animals and Livestock

Title 18. Businesses and Professions

Title 19. Business Regulations — Miscellaneous

Title 22. Warehousing and Deposits

Title 26. Domestic Relations

Title 28A. Common School Provisions

Title 28B. Higher Education

Title 29A. Elections

Title 30. Banks and Trust Companies

Title 31. Miscellaneous Loan Agencies

Title 32. Mutual Savings Banks

Title 33. Savings and Loan Associations

Title 35. Cities and Towns

Title 36. Counties

Title 37. Federal Areas — Indians

Title 38. Militia and Military Affairs

Title 40. Public Documents, Records, and Publications

Title 42. Public Officers and Agencies

Title 43. State Government — Executive

Title 46. Motor Vehicles

Title 49. Labor Regulations

Title 66. Alcoholic Beverage Control

Title 67. Sports and Recreation — Convention Facilities

Title 69. Food, Drugs, Cosmetics, and Poisons

Title 70. Public Health and Safety

Title 72. State Institutions

Title 73. Veterans and Veterans' Affairs

Title 76. Forests and Forest Products

Title 77. Fish and Wildlife

Title 79A. Public Recreational Lands

Title 81. Transportation

Title 82. Excise Taxes

Title 88. Navigation and Harbor Improvements

Title 90. Water Rights — Environment

Constitution of the United States of America

Constitution of the State of Washington

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